Uygur and Sirota Gang Up On Joe Madison And Ooze Stupidity!

I have a hard time watching Cenk Uygur, so when this aired originally, I had the sound down and missed it. Thanks to Twitter, I was informed that Joe Madison got the best of them. I don’t think I would characterize it like that, the two blowhards, Uygur and Sirota, talked over him quite a bit, interrupted him constantly and Joe only really set them back at about 9:30 in the clip. I’m issuing a warning to liberals with high blood pressure, this clip will raise it up – so watch with caution.

Cenk is not a progressive or a liberal, so what in the hell qualifies him to talk about liberals at all. He is a Bush hater who is returning to his conservative roots and making bank off it at MSNBC or what I like to refer to as “Fox News II – Your Trump Headquarters.”

“Throwing the baby out with the bath water” is an expression that isn’t just a cute little metaphor to be blown off like happens so often. It is an expression that has been around for a long time in various forms and the warning should be heeded. What comes to my mind is 2000, with Nadarites handing the presidency to George W. (two wars) Bush. Here is a little history on the saying…from Wikipedia

Thomas Carlyle adapted the concept in an 1849 essay on slavery:

“And if true, it is important for us, in reference to this Negro Question and some others. The Germans say, ‘you must empty-out the bathing-tub, but not the baby along with it.’ Fling-out yur dirty water with all zeal, and set it careering down the kennels; but try if you can keep the little child!”[6]

Carlyle is urging his readers to join in the struggle to end slavery, but he also encourages them to be mindful of the need to try to avoid harming the slaves themselves in the process.

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Listening to Cenk and Sirota, I can’t help but notice that they are completely oblivious to the world in which the President has been working within, a 60 vote threshold in the Senate. Bob Cesca said it very well in a couple of tweets the other day.

We convince voters = voters elect more prog Dems = more prog Dems equals more congressional votes. Result: more progressive legislation.

Yelling and shaming the president won’t generate 60 progressive votes in the Senate or a majority in the House. Sorry. That’s reality.

@DavidSirota Fact: Shouting doesn’t work with this POTUS. Whip the votes. Find 60 votes to close Gitmo and he’ll do it.

The arrogance of people like Sirota and Uygur to think that the rest of us are just stupid, we’ve fallen for the Presidents smooth words, we are Obots or Obamabots or Obamatons or whatever the hell else those clever kids have come up with. Do they realize that of the liberals in this country, they are in a very slim minority. Yet they are trying to portray that minority as the vast majority of “the left” or the base. The overwhelming majority of Democrats don’t even watch cable news, they are watching any number of other shows like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or like many of my friends, PBS. They might be actually out having fun, enjoying life and the family. If you ask someone about Cenk Uygur, David Sirota, Glenn Greenwald, Jane Hamsher or even Arianna Huffington, most of them will say WHO? I try it all the time on the college kids I’m around every day. They have no idea who the fuck these people are and don’t really care. But if you listen to these egomaniacs like Uygur and Sirota, they clearly think they are the opinion leaders. They sure think highly of themselves, don’t they?

Now David Sirota, who exactly is he? I remember seeing him during the 2008 campaign a few times. From the clip above, he definitely suffers from “Obama Derangement Syndrome” in a bad way. I think I saw some froth coming from his mouth as he ranted about Obama, with no idea what in the hell he was talking about. There was so much bullshit flowing out of his mouth, it would take days to parse it all out here. So I’ll just say, fuck him and the horse he rode in on. That about covers it. He acted like the male Jane Hamsher, unable to hide his hatred and contempt for our President and raising hyperbole to the highest it will go…is it 11? He may have just been performing so he will get invited back to Fox News II to spew some more bullshit down the road.


3 thoughts on “Uygur and Sirota Gang Up On Joe Madison And Ooze Stupidity!

  1. Honestly I’ve been avoiding Cenk and others like him for some time now and have instead been doing my own thing. Reading, writing, going out for walks or riding my bike. I am sick of the media and have been avoiding the news. Its gotten to be opinion this and opinion that and nothing important.

  2. I didn’t share this, but David Sirota and Jon Walker from FDL found me on Twitter and we had it out for a while. I think they both crawled back into their holes after I lambasted them with the truth. Jan Walker continued it through yesterday, it was pretty silly trying to re-fight the health care battle. It’s easy taking on people who are so deluded in their hatred. You simply have to throw the truth in their faces and they end up trying to change the subject or obsess over one detail, oblivious to the big picture.

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