Running From Paul Ryan – Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship!

I’m just loving the direction that the Republican Party has decided to pursue by hitching their wagon to Paul Ryan and his libertarian ideas. It almost makes me want to create a Jane Hamsher sock puppet to go on their websites and encourage them to “keep it up, you’re doing fine”. I would never do that, who has time, but it’s fun to think about.

I’ve said it before that I never expected that the Republican leadership would get behind Ryan’s plan, with it’s blatant assault on senior citizens who VOTE! But apparently their stupidity knows no bounds. The response at town hall meetings since the announcement of the plan shows that it is backfiring on them big time. They have a lot of explaining to do. From the Washington Post…

Democrats, eager to win back the seniors and independents who abandoned the party in last year’s midterm elections, have declared the vote a “moment of truth” and this week launched a media campaign accusing GOP House members of dismantling Medicare and endangering retirees.

The assault has taken some Republicans by surprise, prompting concerns that the party is ceding ground in a policy debate that GOP strategists already viewed as perilous.

I have a feeling that Paul Ryan is going to be a lonely guy pretty soon, he started a ball rolling down hill that is going to roll right over his party and bring Democratic rule back to the House of Representatives. More from The Washington post…

A Washington Post/ABC News poll published this week found that two-thirds of Americans want Medicare to remain as is. That includes 62 percent of independents and nearly eight in 10 people 65 and older — making for an uphill climb for House Republicans trying to reassure constituents.

Rut Roh! Maybe they made a little bitty mistake in hooking up with Paul Ryan and his idiotic, unrealistic plan. I wouldn’t stand between between the rats and the portholes on the sinking ship if I were you. Although some of the prognosticators in the GOP think they can someone “muddy” the waters and turn that  big mistake around. Good luck with that.

“Republicans don’t want to be talking about Medicare every day for the next year and a half,” said a Republican Party official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to address internal strategy deliberations. “But if they keep the conversation on broader issues of spending and taxes, they can win.”

The GOP official added that the party “can fight the Medicare issue to a tie” by “muddying the waters” and painting Democrats as choosing status-quo options that would have Medicare “die a slow death.”

We only need to look at President W. Bush’s attempt to use his “mandate” to privatize Social Security. We all know how well that worked out for them, don’t we. As a veteran political watcher, the Republicans embracing of Paul Ryan’s plans is perhaps biggest political blunder of all time. I see blue spreading across this land in the next election. Booman at the Booman Tribune sums it up like only he can do…

One thing the average Republican lawmaker should have learned after eight years of being led around by idiots like George Bush and ideologues like Dick Cheney and bullies like Karl Rove and Tom DeLay, is that you should think for your goddamned self and not take anyone’s word for anything.

If they tell you it will be okay to vote to kill Medicare, don’t believe them, you idiots.

Medicare is necessary because old people get sick and require expensive drugs, treatments, and surgeries to sustain their lives and their quality of life. It doesn’t make sense to insure old people, especially people who already require expensive care. Insurance is a profit-industry, and they aren’t going to pay for people’s health maintenance out of the goodness of their hearts. The amount of money it would require to make an insurance policy profitable for an eighty-year old cancer patient with diabetes would probably be in the seven figures. That’s why we do something different. We have people pay into Medicare during their working lives so that they can spread the cost of old-age out and make it reasonable.

You can’t give an eighty year-old cancer patient with diabetes a voucher (calling it “premium support”), think that it will pay for a seven-figure medical bill, and say that you’ve solved the budget problem.

When you vote for a system like that, the people will vote you out of office.


8 thoughts on “Running From Paul Ryan – Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship!

  1. One thing you can be sure of, the Republicans will screw up a golden opportunity. They will cave to the polls and not stand up for the American people and let the MSM go total for the incompetent one, aka BHO.

    BHO is against oil drilling and doesn’t care that gas is headed above $5.00 per gallon, the MSM gives him a pass. He makes statements on every Muslim holiday but says nothing on Easter, MSM pass. He says the US would not be active in Libya and now we are, MSM pass.

    How can anyone have a voice when the entire MSM drools over BHO. Now that his Hope didn’t change anything he is into Compassion, what a joke.

  2. Do you read anything EXCEPT the REICHwingnut blogs, TROLL Atlanta Ralph? Like this one, perhaps?

    Wasn’t the Pope being on camera, all over the MSM all weekend enough Christianity for you? As an atheist, I stayed home and mowed the lawn. I don’t exactly like Obama always saying “God Bless America” but I know if he doesn’t, just like he must now always wear a flag pin, he will be crucified.

    Last Monday night, Obama celebrated a Passover Seder in the White House…the first night of the Jewish Passover. (Tucker Carlson lies saying that Obama disrupted Seder meals on Thursday in L.A. when it was Monday that the seder was eaten). Today OUR President hosted the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. Gee, how much more Easter can the leader of our SECULAR nation give us?

    Obama held an EASTER PRAYER BREAKFAST in our White House last Tuesday (the SECOND “prayer breakfast” of the year). The transcript of Obama’s words at the breakfast are like he was giving a Christian sermon at the event. Here are his actual words from the Chicago Sun-Times:

    Also Obama did attend Easter services at the Shiloh Baptist Church. However, no cameras were allowed inside because the pastor said he wanted the focus on the worship service and not the President, and not working for any photo ops like say George W. Bush, Obama agreed with the pastor’s wishes.

    However, the REICHwingnuts are now attacking the historical church built by slaves as being “radical”:

    And Obama upset others on the REICH for “disrupting” Los Angeles on Maundy Thursday, according to Tucker Carlson’s site:

    I remember Obama having a menorah ceremony in the White House for Chanukah in addition to the big Christmas tree lighting ceremony. AND, he did hold a feast of Iftar which breaks the fasting required during Ramadan but we have nearly as many Muslims in America as Jews.

    The Xtian Reich cannot stand it that we don’t have a theocracy YET here in the USA,

  3. Houston blogger Mugsy has compiled many FACTS on why oil/gasoline is going up in price and it is NOT about supply.

    We still export more oil from this nation than we import. But like everything our TROLL Atlanta Ralph doesn’t agree with (by listening to his REICHwingnut propaganda sources), WORLD oil prices have nothing to do with Obama. Since the BP blowout, 49 NEW shallow drilling permits and 10 DEEPWATER permits have been issued.

  4. So Obama has nothing to do with rising oil prices. His agenda is to push envirowako friendly energy that don’t amount to squat. He is paying back Immelt for his support by pushing wind power and rewarding Soros by giving Brazil 2 billion dollars for oil exploration while shutting down offshore drilling, refusing to allow production in ANWAR, loosen regulations on oil shale production.

    He takes care of those who take care of hi than blames Bush. Numnuts BHO was against raising the deficit with Bush but now is all for it.

    Problem conservatives is there is only one news program that will report the truth while all the rest are up BHO’s a_–.

  5. Last time gas at the pump was over $4 a gallon, in 2008 UNDER BUSH, crude was over $147 a barrel. Today it is only $112 but the price at the pump is nearly the same. Why??? It seems NOT to be the price of crude as much as oil speculators on Wall Street affecting the market. Plus, the oil industry will not do a thing to help this president (and OUR NATION), probably hoping we are all miserable until November 2012 and then they can place “one of their own” back into the White House.

    Is Obama causing this? Was Obama responsible for the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, the tornadoes all over our nation this spring, the drought and wildfires in Texas? Is our TROLL ATLANTA RALPH telling us that Obama is Superman?

    Gee, Ralph, a TIMELY article from August 2009 in Rupert Murdoch’s REICH-wing Wall Street Journal.

    Once our resident TROLL Atlanta Ralph reads more than only REICH sources like the WSJ, WaTimes, and listens to other news than only Faux News, he might be taken seriously. But Ralph, until then, you are just a waste of time.

  6. Maybe numnuts can Nationalize the oil companies and give us free gas along with our free healthcare.

    Bush brought down gas prices by announcing opening areas for production. Obama on the other hand, makes oil exploration impossible. Don’t you see that Obama makes Bush look smart and Carter a good leader. Amazing what BHO the incompetent can accomplish.

  7. Of course our TROLL Atlanta Ralph NEVER does any research before typing his REICH-wingnut talking points. After all that would require him to do some thinking, research on his own. If he had, he would have discovered that oil companies cut back exploring, drilling, building new refineries at the end of the Bush administration. But the actions of the oil companies in 2008 may have led to the increase in oil prices again…

    But the project delays [2008] are likely to reduce future energy supplies — and analysts believe they may set the stage for another surge in oil prices once the global economy recovers.

    Bush didn’t have a damn thing to do with falling oil prices just as Obama hasn’t had a thing to do with the increase of oil now!

  8. I know I’m late on this one, but I am a new reader of this blog so I am trying to get a feel for the blogger by reading more posts. I am trying to figure out if you disagree with the Paul Ryan plan on it’s merits or because it “attacks” a voting demographic. It seems that you believe that a good budget plan should have the focus of not upsetting voting demographics more so than trying to bring to light unsustainabilities in our current path?

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