A Bright Light Shining On The Professional Left!

ThePeoplesview.net is becoming one of my favorite reads in the blogosphere and rootless_e absolutely nailed it in this recent post where the “Professional Left” is exposed for who they really are, not left and not very professional. Here is the paragraph that I fell in love with…(emphasis mine)

Since Barack Obama began to find success in the Democratic primaries of 2008 he and his supporters have attracted virulent attacks from the professional left of liberal commentariat, lobbyists, pundits, think tankers, and academics. The underlying basis for the attacks is class – the class of professional liberals/leftists, cut off from any popular movement, derives its authority, prestige, and income from its status as the official interpreter and judge of “leftism” or liberalism. That’s why they get writing assignments, TV invitations, grants, jobs in DC or NY writing position papers for liberal institutions. The term “professional left” describes a group of people who generate liberal/leftist opinion as their profession (these are not organizers). But while the professional right is disciplined and assiduous in supporting the Republican Party, the professional left is disciplined and assiduous in attacking the Democrats especially the Obama Democrats.

Do you remember when President Obama first took office and the liberal elites in Washington started complaining about not being invited to dinner parties and how they weren’t being consulted like they thought they should be. I’m pretty sure Mort Zuckerman was snubbed and that is the basis for his rabid attacks on President Obama, teaming up with Joe Scarborough on the “Morning Joe Meme Generator” that runs on the not-so-liberal MSNBC. More from the ThePeoplesView.net

The professional left depends on the same right leaning corporate media – plus some philanthropists and universities who don’t care about the Democratic Party.


David Sirota, Ed Schulz, Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greenwald and the like have found attacking Obama to be a passport to the Green Room – as have Tavis Smiley and Cornell West and a number of other people who could not get on TV without taking a hostage before they learned to attack the President.


One thought on “A Bright Light Shining On The Professional Left!

  1. It seems you guys are having an effect on the conversation I’ve visited the Reid Report and People’s view (even leaving comments)in the past couple of days and the Greenwald trolls are crawling around the comment section.

    What ticks me off about a lot of this mess I rather be talking about Paul Ryan and his budget and Rick Snyder’s government takeover scheme not get into pissing matches with Greenwald,Uygur and Hamsher’s fanboys. That’s why I haven’t really talked about them on my blog.

    Instead of talking about what’s really important these ego maniacs got us fighting other liberals while they enable another idiot son of an asshole rise into power.

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