My Rants At A Left Comment Troll!

I occasionally go over to the The Raw Story and take on their new found slant against President Obama. They’ve joined the “Obama Derangement Brigade” of left bloggers who have decided that they can get clicks by attacking the President and Democrats. I still go there because they really do have an excellent site, it’s just some of the posts that piss me off. Here is the link to the latest post I commented on, I’m only pasting my rants and a few of the trolls, if you want to know what I’m ranting against, you’ll have to go check it out. Excuse the grammar and sentence structure, it is a rant in a comment section after all.

The post was about the protest at the President’s fundraiser in California, you know, the song that was sung to him. This is what apparently got the trolls riled up…

Aw, isn’t that special. They wrote a song. Did they just get back from summer camp or something. And what the hell, let’s just let out all military people accused of crimes against our country. National Security is so over-rated anyway. /snark

BellyBlues said the following..

an inconvenient fact: Manning has been accused, but is not being tried. Just held in complete isolation for many months now. It’s inhumane and supposedly un-American.

My response…

What do you mean he’s not being tried. That’s why they moved him, to get ready for the trial to begin. I keep reading that his own lawyer is responsible for some of the delay himself, so your characterization is way off. Are you aware that he can have visitors on the weekends, can watch TV and can talk to other prisoners? That’s NOT complete isolation. It doesn’t sound much fun, but of course that all could have been avoided really easily by him. He knew what he was doing and the consequences of it and he signed the agreement when he joined the military, why does everyone want to pretend like he didn’t know it or because he exposed some crap in the military that it makes it alright to leak classified information. Hyperbole has replaced discourse in this matter. Here he is spilling the beans to Lamo…
Tell me he didn’t know what he was doing?

I hope we have a debate about how prisoners are treated in general. I think it sucks all around. We should be trying to rehabilitate people instead of turn them into better criminals or angrier criminals. And I’m sure the “brig” is even worse than prisons, because the military perceives that kind of stuff as treasonous.

BellyBlues responded with this…

Where are you getting your information?? Visitors on weekends? TV? Talk to other prisoners? I’ve gotten my information from the Center for Constitutional Rights, for one, where they describe Manning under a suicide POI watch (prevention of injury). Also, information from his lawyer. He’s a on 23 hour a day isolation lockdown. He’s get 1 hour of exercise a day, being allowed to walk in circles inside a large empty room. He has NO contact with other prisoners. He is checked every 5 minutes and he can’t be determined to be breathing while he’s asleep, he is awakened. Just like GITMO.

You are yours are no different than the Bushies. “My guy is always right”.

Up with Whistleblowers.

And yet again a response from me…

Actually, I got it from his lawyers website… a diary by Bradley Manning himself. That’s the problem with what Greenwald and Hamsher have done, they’ve taken his conditions and exaggerated them and made everyone believe that the way he might have been treated in the first few weeks/month is how he has been treated the whole time. Seriously, go read his lawyers website. He gets visitors on weekends for 3 hours a day, I think. He can yell to other prisoners nearby. He gets to watch TV for 4 hours a day, if I recall correctly. At first, I think some idiots at the brig had him sleeping naked, with two blankets and he had to stand at attention, naked, in the morning to get his clothes for the day. 2 or 3 minutes, is what Bradley said in his diary of standing naked. I do not understand why they don’t let him exercise more than an hour a day. Unless they are afraid he will “work himself out” to death. Who knows.

But my point on this whole thing is that the reality of how he is being treated, suicide watch (tear proof jumpsuit, naked in the morning when he gets his clothes for the day, visitors, nearby prisoners he can talk to (scream), television…that IS NOT HOW Hamsher and Greenwald are portraying it, now is it? I went and looked for myself at his lawyers website and once again, found out that Hamsher and Greenwald are big fat liars and exaggerators. Why don’t you go donate to their Bradley Manning fund, even though there is already a fund for his defense set up. But go, give them money, they will add you to their email lists, it will be fun.

At this point I’m going to skip ahead, a different troll injected himself into the discussion calling anyone who supports the president and the administration members of “Democratic Religion’s Excuse Depository” and this really good one “Rove-Operative Obama and the Democratic Religion”. Here is my final response to this guy who has really deluded himself. I won’t be going back to continue this discussion, I already wasted too much time sparring with those trolls.

Ah yes, just deny everything. I’m about done with this debate. President Obama and HIS ADMINISTRATION is made up of a lot of people delegated to do their jobs, institutionalized departments like State and Defense that are like giant ships that can’t be turned on a dime like you unrealistic, ideologues believe in your fantasy world. We have treaties and commitments that aren’t just abandoned when we change leaders. We have two messy wars that President Obama didn’t take us into and actually spoke out against in a sea of patriotic post 9/11 hoopla, but they were part of the hand he was dealt, and we are almost out of Iraq on schedule and contrary to the idiot pundits, he’s continuing to get us out of Afghanistan. I know he didn’t march everyone out on day one of the administration like the doves wanted, but that would be stupid and he’s just not as stupid as some would like him to be.

I really feel sorry for people like you who believe in scorched earth politics, hate everything and anything that is institutional, believe wild conspiracy theories and assign evil motives to anyone who doesn’t toe your line. You are the fringe, even though you may have ideals that are just, your tactics are barbaric, short-sighted, uncaring and politically naive. And even though we may both want less killing, less atrocities in the world and a more transparent government, if you can’t even have an intelligent discussion of it without resorting to calling me a member of the Democrat Religion or “Democratic Faith’s Excuse Depository”, are you really concerned about having a dialogue about how to maybe achieve those goals in the real world, or are you just interested in stalking people who don’t agree with you in comment sections of blogs? Say what you believe, but let me say what I believe without dumping me into one of your clever word game labels.


3 thoughts on “My Rants At A Left Comment Troll!

  1. But it keeps “professional pundits” like Hamsher and Greenwald “live on TeeVee” all day long. I saw Hamsher twice in 3 hours on MSNBC (Tamron Hall and Dylan Ratigan) giving her opinions on Manning a couple of days ago. I guess their “day job” is being guest “experts”. They’ve got to be earning an income from somewhere. Are they paid by cablenews? Same goes for many talking heads, e.g. the REICH’S Stephen Moore supposedly works for Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, but it seems he spends most of his time in a cab racing between CNN on Columbus Circle and MSNBC and Faux News, both broadcasting out of Rockefeller Center.

  2. Thanks for getting some real information out there, ExtremeLiberal. It’s carthartic if nothing else to call out these trolls who keep glenn’s wallet green.

  3. I take it you weren’t able to reach out to this idiot? He probably spends too much time on Michael Moore’s website than to listen to reason.

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