The Glenn Greenwald Some On The Left Don’t Know! (Update I)

I learned a lot about Glenn Greenwald today with so many cool people writing great stuff and others sharing it on Twitter and blogs. I decided that I would compile all the great links I came across today as a way to gather the information in a unified place. I may update it too, feel free to contribute links in the comments or email them to me if you want to stay anonymous. I’ve compiled a lot of links on Jane Hamsher too, I may have to lay them out too…one of these days.

This one is about his most famous case as a lawyer, he’s said some interesting things over the years.

Apparently Glenn Greenwald didn’t have much of a problem with President George W. Bush.

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My Rants At A Left Comment Troll!

I occasionally go over to the The Raw Story and take on their new found slant against President Obama. They’ve joined the “Obama Derangement Brigade” of left bloggers who have decided that they can get clicks by attacking the President and Democrats. I still go there because they really do have an excellent site, it’s just some of the posts that piss me off. Here is the link to the latest post I commented on, I’m only pasting my rants and a few of the trolls, if you want to know what I’m ranting against, you’ll have to go check it out. Excuse the grammar and sentence structure, it is a rant in a comment section after all.

The post was about the protest at the President’s fundraiser in California, you know, the song that was sung to him. This is what apparently got the trolls riled up…

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Saturday Morning Sweetness – Why It All Matters!

I don’t know what motivates you, but that sweet little face, that curious little mind, that fun little girl is the reason why I care so much about the future of our country and world. From the first time I held her in my arms and she looked up at me with wonder and innocence, I’ve been even more motivated to try to do whatever I can to make the world a better place for her. So if I sometimes seem a little too passionate about an issue or get angry at supposed progressives for attacking the President and Democrats, it’s because I KNOW that they will give my granddaughter a much better chance at that future than a Republican would. NO DOUBT!

I can tell that she is a liberal already. She’s fun, she’s playful, she’s smart and she loves people.