The New “Bradley Manning Exception” To The Law!

The opportunistic firebaggers (Teabagger + Firedoglake zealot) are raising money like crazy in their little twisted worlds. They are all excited about the cute little juvenile camp fire song that was sung to the President at a fundraiser and his comments afterward. I haven’t said too much about the Manning issue because I don’t really like drawing attention to Jane Hamsher and Glenn Greenwald’s little money-making and fame-seeking stunt. I have said before that it is one thing to be a whistleblower and leak an egregious event or situation that otherwise would go uncovered, but when someone just does a huge data dump that might have something incriminating within it, it is quite different. In either case, it seems like the military has no option but to court-martial that person. If it is whistleblowing, that’s what we have the statute for, that’s what we have defense lawyers for…but the massive release of classified documents that simply “might” have something in it or if it does have something in it, does releasing all the other stuff along with it keep it in the “whistleblowing” realm? Here are President Obama’s remarks to someone questioning him after the little song stunt, which I’m not posting here, I’m just not into simple, childish, grade level school tactics and lyrics. The President talking about those quaint little things called “laws”…

When I read or hear people in the firebagger brigade talking about how Bradley Manning should just be released, he’s a hero. I can’t help but think to myself, what kind of message would that send to others in the military, classified shmassified, laws shmaws. As an extreme liberal, I’ve never been a fan of the military and it’s industrial complex or the culture of the military with it’s macho, bigoted, arrogant attitude towards non-military, women, minorities and us hippies in general. But I certainly like the fact that they protect us and whenever I see a military person in uniform, I try to go out of my way to thank them for their service. Whether you like what their bosses tell them to do or not, they are still stepping up to defend me and our country and deserve respect for it.

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With Greenwald and Hamsher the Opportunists, I see many contradictions. The leak of the diplomatic cables and other stuff, whether you admit it or not, was an attack on our military. It was meant to expose people and practices in the military that young Bradley Manning in his infinite wisdom and experience deemed important enough to dump. So clearly, Greenwald and Hamsher are all about that, attacking the military. And I just can’t remember all the other military guys that they started PACs for, who were in the brig, did I miss that? The fact that they will go so far out of their way, spend so much digital ink and television time defending one of those military people that they want to hurt so much, is beyond me. Do they not see the connection between the guys in the military and the military. I guess Bradley Manning is the one exception for them. To be honest, it sickens me that they are using Bradley Manning for their own personal gains.

I think they perceive, and probably with justification, that the military is still being run by Rumsfeld and Cheney. The military is the military, I don’t ever think there is much change when we get a new president. The people in the defense department are generally career people, so I always perceive them similarly no matter who is the POTUS. And the way Bradley Manning is being treated would be the same whether President Obama were in office, Bush, Clinton…any of them. It’s called the law. And whether he is being “tortured” by having to sleep in a tear proof jumpsuit in a cell by himself, where he can have visitors on the weekend, watch television, talk or scream with other inmates is a matter of semantics….I’ve seen “Lock Up” a couple of times on MSNBC and it doesn’t look like the solitary confinement I’ve seen on there. And it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of torture. Only if you grossly exaggerate the conditions, does it even come close to being torture.

So I say yes, a lot of people in the military suck and a lot of the policies of the military suck and how they treat people in the brig sucks…which is why a whole lot of people don’t VOLUNTEER to go in the military. It’s why a lot of people don’t sign a paper when they join the military saying that they won’t leak classified material or THEY WILL BE COURT-MARTIALLED. It’s kind of the price you pay for going in the military. Now if some recruiter sold Bradley Manning a lie at the recruiters office, that would really suck. And that very well could be the case. But based on what he said to Adrian Lamo in his little chat-fest, he knew that what he was doing would get him in trouble. Wired has the entire exchange between Lamo and Manning, here is a couple of comments that are revealing…

(2:05:38 PM) Manning: i mean, im a high profile source… and i’ve developed a relationship with assange… but i dont know much more than what he tells me, which is very little

(2:05:58 PM) Manning: it took me four months to confirm that the person i was communicating was in fact assange

If I recall correctly, Assange denies ever talking to Manning. I would believe Manning on that one.

(02:10:28 AM) Manning: State Department will be uber-pissed… but I dont think they’re capable of tracing everything…

So he knew that the State Department would be pissed so he was quite aware that most of it was diplomatic cables (go the link and read more). How are leaking diplomatic cables considered whistleblowing…so much of it was just opinions of diplomats, not policies, not official doctrine…just opinions and a lot of it was just petty stuff.

(02:14:21 PM) Manning: listened and lip-synced to Lady Gaga’s Telephone while exfiltratrating possibly the largest data spillage in american history

Ahhh yes, brag about the “largest data spillage in american history”, that might give Jane and Glenn goosebumps, but it seems like a pretty huge admission of guilt to me sprinkled with a little ego. He’s seems quite proud of his actions.

(02:22:47 PM) Manning: i mean what if i were someone more malicious
(02:23:25 PM) Manning: i could’ve sold to russia or china, and made bank?
(02:23:36 PM) Lamo: why didn’t you?
(02:23:58 PM) Manning: because it’s public data
(02:24:15 PM) Lamo: i mean, the cables
(02:24:46 PM) Manning: it belongs in the public domain
(02:25:15 PM) Manning: information should be free
(02:25:39 PM) Manning: it belongs in the public domain
(02:26:18 PM) Manning: because another state would just take advantage of the information… try and get some edge
(02:26:55 PM) Manning: if its out in the open… it should be a public good
(02:27:04 PM) Manning: *do the
(02:27:23 PM) Manning: rather than some slimy intel collector
(02:29:18 PM) Manning: im crazy like that

I really hope that Bradley Manning doesn’t get life in prison for that huge mistake he made. He does seem like a nice kid who just screwed up big time. But the circus that Hamsher and Greenwald have been creating and feeding is just over-the-top rhetoric and opportunism that they are using to try and damage the President. And I’ll go even further and say, both of them have had some racial controversies in the past, I’m just saying.


6 thoughts on “The New “Bradley Manning Exception” To The Law!

  1. Dylan Ratigan makes a BIG deal out of a table full of firebaggers who paid $76K for a table at the president’s fundraiser in Hollywood in order to disrupt/demonstrate, hoping to embarrass Obama. Mainly they were Bradley Manning demonstrators. I am sure Faux News is looping the same YouTube video Ratigan is now running as I write! As one panel member asked, “Why did they [the firebaggers] spend money that will go to the Obama campaign coffers when they could have demonstrated for free outside?”

    However, my Chronicle today made little play of the demonstration saying that even though Hollywood isn’t completely satisfied with Obama for not pulling out all U.S. military from Afghanistan and Iraq, hasn’t closed Gitmo, etc., Obama still gets OVERWHELMING support from the those in Hollywood who have deep pockets and will contribute to his campaign AGAIN as they fear a Republican takeover of our government even more.

  2. I went to the youtube channel and told them if they wanted to protest something real bring their asses to Michigan and help us protest Rick Snyder’s attempt to kill off democracy in our cities. First Benton Harbor and now it’s Detroit Public Schools.

  3. I’m beginning to think that the actually serve a purpose in getting the President Re-elected. They are the fringe, the ones who make the Pres look moderate, independent and more appealing to the middle of the country, who we absolutely have to have to win. I say we use them like pawns. Play them like the little plastic figures that they are.

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