Quick Hits But Don’t Inhale!

Now this is a budget I could support. It is really too bad it has no chance in hell, but sometimes it’s nice to dream a little.

Sarah Palin’s brain, Rebecca Mansour, sent out messages in a frenzy this week, wondering why no one was covering some speech she was giving, I don’t know anything about it because no one was covering it. But apparently Sarah was somewhere.

Shameless, absolutely shameless. But what’s new?

John Ensign really screwed up, and quitting isn’t going to get rid of it.

Another one of the the Republicans who are riding in the clown car, did I hear that she may get appointed to John Ensign’s seat. Sharon Angle!  NOOOOOOO!


One thought on “Quick Hits But Don’t Inhale!

  1. Don’t the knuckle-dragging wingnuts ever READ?

    The majority of my friends and family are (or were) Republicans. I keep having them post on my Facebook, send me garbage emails which can be proven to be FALSE (like “birther” BS). I have Snopes.com, FactCheck.org and several such sites in my Bookmarks which I go to first. The latest one today on my FaceBook is by a former student of mine…a rare Mexican-American Republican, but a son of a Southern Baptist minister. This is the second time in a week I have given him rebuttal on FaceBook so he will probably soon “UnFriend” me even though I was responsible for getting him $60K in college scholarships/grants.

    My ex-sister-in-law, who has remained on friendly terms with the whole family, is sadly a teabagger. I never bring up politics FIRST when I am around her but she usually makes snide remarks about Democrats right away when around me. Most often I just ignore her as I have always valued her friendship, but I have my limits of tolerance for LIES. She is a past president of the Houston Republican Women’s Club and proud that she has feted Barbara Bush at actual tea parties. I guess because of what I have posted on FaceBook last fall (where I supported Bill White for Governor, Russ Feingold, etc), she didn’t invite me to her annual Christmas “open house” in December as she had for many years. She never emails any more, probably because I have replied to some of her REICH talking points junk mail with links to the likes of Snopes or FactCheck.

    While reading the “Cicero quote” today on my FaceBook page, I knew right away that this was NOT the ancient Roman Senator. Had to chuckle at the reaching so far back into history for “validation” as most such false emails I get have had quotes falsely attributed to Paul Harvey, Andy Rooney, Jay Leno, etc.

    Went through FOUR pages at Google, all REICH-wing websites posting the “Cicero quote”, before finding the first rebuttal that it may just be a false “quote” (see below). I have noticed that the REICH sites seem to dominate the first pages on Google!!


    Off Topic. Loving that “Bomb-Bomb Iran” McCain is ON FOREIGN SOIL criticizing Obama for not recognizing the rebels in Libya as the legitimate government. And McCain is SURE that there are no Al Qaeda amongst the rebels. What was that old gripe about criticizing a U.S. president from foreign soil???

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