Why Steve Benen Is The Best Blogger On The Internet!

Because he comes up with posts like this one. If you don’t have Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly bookmarked on your toolbar, you really need to do that right now. I’ll paste a bit from his post below and add the clip from the Monty Python skit that he refers to below that. How on earth could the Monty Python troupe know how Republicans would act 30 years later. It’s amazing. From Steve…

BUDGET FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS…. Many of you are no doubt familiar with the classic Monty Python sketch from 1972 called the “Argument Clinic,” which, as regular readers know, is one of my favorites. It goes like this: a man who enjoys a good, substantive debate goes to a business that ostensibly provides one, but after paying his fee, he quickly discovers that the man on the other side of the desk simply contradicts literally everything he says.


A little too often, the “Argument Clinic” sketch reminds me of efforts to engage conservative Republicans in any kind of discourse. Take the debate over the House budget plan, approved last week.

Reasonable observers note that the plan privatizes Medicare. “No, it doesn’t,” the right responds. Those relying on reality add that Medicare would be replaced with vouchers. “No, it wouldn’t,” conservative reply.

And now for something completely different…


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