Rep. Bachmann Says The Birther Issue Is Over – Donald, You Listening?

It happens at about 4 minutes in. I hope she runs, won’t that be fun?


5 thoughts on “Rep. Bachmann Says The Birther Issue Is Over – Donald, You Listening?

  1. But that was said for the MSM. Watch what she says back home “safe” on the Faux News turf.

  2. Remember when the GOP stood for balanced budgets, individual freedom and isolationism.
    The Republican Party has run up these deficits, we want the federal government to be in our bedrooms and between our women and their doctors, we started two wars instead of ending them like the Korean War and were supposed to stop the Vietnam War the Democrats started. We have lost our way!

    So why waste our time with these fools who use their racist rhetoric, like this Marilyn Davenport and Donald Trump with his birther unproven myth, why do we allow our Fox news people to keep talking down our country. Don’t they know we can win the next election with optimism and hope instead of the current rhetoric, that the sky is falling, if we are not careful we will end up like chicken little where no one will listen to us.

  3. Couple of things:
    1. I didn’t know Bobby Jindal of all people is thinking about signing a birther law in Louisiana. Irony.

    2. As for Michele Bachmann forget birth records can we see Mrs.Bachmann mental health papers? I tell ya when this woman wonders off the talking points she looks like the people on the street corner screaming wacky shit.

  4. :) The scary thing is she represents a lot of people, it’s like they are from a different planet. I don’t want to insult mentally challenged people by comparing her to them.

  5. Its just Backman playing the political game is all. She’s trying to score brownie points so she can win the GOP nomination.

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