Rep. Bachmann Says The Birther Issue Is Over – Donald, You Listening?

It happens at about 4 minutes in. I hope she runs, won’t that be fun?


Students, Women, Children and Seniors – President Obama Has Your Back!

I’ve been saying for years that since the election of George W. Bush, the village idiots in our country feel empowered. They had someone to cheer for 8 years, one of their own was in office. The effect of electing all those dimwits is what we have today, Governors who are shifting wealth from the middle class and poor to the richest of the rich and now with Paul Ryan’s hurtful budget, their is no doubt in anyones mind that Republicans ONLY care about the rich. They aren’t even pretending to care about the rest of the people. When you mix that arrogance of power with the underlying bigotry, you end up with a potent, painful mix. They aren’t even doing a very good job of hiding their blatant disregard for women, children, seniors and students who are going to suffer almost all the pain to make sure the wealthy have one more car or can throw a multi-million dollar “MTV Sweet 16 birthday party” for their spoiled kid.

The President is out on the campaign stump, selling his policies and explaining the Republican plan, which of course the Republicans really don’t like. He is busting down their platitudes, their “trickle-down” idiotic thinking and reminding everyone how they got us into this mess and apparently want to make the mess much worse. The President took it to them yesterday in Annandale, Virginia…here are some highlights…(emphasis mine)

For a long time, Washington acted like deficits didn’t matter. A lot of folks promised us a free lunch. So I think everybody needs to recall, we had a surplus back in 2000, 11 short years ago, but then we cut taxes for everybody, including millionaires and billionaires. We fought two wars and we created a new and expensive prescription drug program, and we didn’t pay for any of it.

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