The Donald Trump Beast – Created By The GOP, Now It’s Eating Them!

Greg Sargent at The Plum Line says what I’ve been thinking about the Republicans trying to purge Donald Trump and his birther bullshit from the party. I think Donald Trump is going to ask Orly Taitz to be his running mate. Yeee hawwww, giddyup ya’ll. From Greg Sargent…

Here’s the thing: Trump’s candidacy is largely a problem of the GOP’s own making. It’s a symptom of circumstances Republicans have spent the last two years tacitly cultivating as an asset. Republican leaders have at best refused to tamp down the most outlandish right-wing conspiracy-mongering about the president and at worst have actively enabled it. The result: A substantial portion of their base believes a complete myth about the president’s birth certificate, and Republicans are stuck with a candidate shameless enough to exploit the issue without resorting to the usual euphemisms more respectable Republicans tend to employ when hinting at the president’s supposed cultural otherness.


One thought on “The Donald Trump Beast – Created By The GOP, Now It’s Eating Them!

  1. Love the way Rove is telling everyone that he gave the Donald a lifeline and he refused to take it. Well why should he? Trump and his hair no exactly what they are doing. Probably explains why they’re freaking out on the righty blogosphere.

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