Warren Buffet Thinks The Rich Should Pay More Taxes

What does Warren Buffet know anyway? I wish he would take some of his money and buy some advertising time and push that idea. The brainwashed masses and media are still operating under the commands of their “Brainwasher-in-chief” Ronald Reagan, who raised taxes 7 out of 8 years that he was in office. But the brainwashing was so damn good that even now, many Republicans faces go blank when you tell them that. They get a look of cognitive dissonance. “Does not compute”. Take it away, Warren, buddy.


4 thoughts on “Warren Buffet Thinks The Rich Should Pay More Taxes

  1. Guess who did not pay taxes today on their billions in profits, some even getting paid by us taxpayers, instead?

  2. I agree the Buffets of the world should pay more and who is stopping them. As far as not paying taxes I can guess, 45% of income earners do not pay taxes.

    The tax code is broken. It is to complicated for 55% of income earners, the other 45% who do not pay taxes don’t really care about a tax code.

    Obama has stated $250K is “rich” and he intends to go after the small business and get them to pay their fair share. If you have ever run a business or taken any accounting tax courses, you are aware that businesses on profit.
    If my business shows a $300,000 profit I pay taxes on that amount of around $100,000. Now out of that $300,000 I have to keep $150,000 in the bank to cover recurring expenses. So out of a $300,000 profit, I get to take home $50,000 and in the real world, I paid 200% of my income for taxes.
    Tax the “rich” is a slogan to rally the Obama base because few government workers, union members and welfare recipients will ever own their own business, much easier to bitch than work.
    How about tax the 45% who pay nothing or better yet go to the Fair Tax and take the power from the politicians and return it to the citizens. Then Obama wouldn’t have his entitlement slogan “tax the rich”.

  3. Grant,

    I posted a brilliant response but I guess it was to accurate to be left on the site.

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