The World Through A Right-Wing Filter!

I often wonder how people can believe some of the shit they believe, in politics and other things as well. We have a few commenters who like to come to this site and give us examples of that craziness and skewed perspective on the world. Most of it is the direct result of the misinformation campaigns that permeate the right-wing media like Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, Malkin and many others who like to peddle in lies. Some of it is the permanent brainwashing that began in the Reagan era and continues to this day, mostly through the main stream media. There are many examples of this, supply side economics being the main one.

Our most excellent commenter, Grant in Texas, pointed me to this post by Mugsy at Mugsy’s Rap Sheet out of Houston, Texas. He gets into a debate with a wingnut about whether President W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq is the cause of all this democracy busting out across the middle east. It gets pretty deep, but it is a very good lesson in how some on the right view the world as we know it, or don’t. I particularly like Mugsy’s opening where he is deciding what to write about…

There are so many other topics I considered writing about this week. Topic Idea #1: Under GOP rule, the state of Arizona is rapidly becoming the worlds largest insane asylum. First it was the racist/xenophobic “Papers please” anti-immigration bill, followed by the AZ-GOP “Death Panel” that decided a new for-profit, privately run prison system was more important than providing mortally ill patients with life-saving organ transplants. And now last week AZ passes the nations first “birther bill” that mandates Presidential candidates to either “prove” they meet the Constitutional birthright qualifications by providing a “long-form birth certificate” (it wasn’t that long ago Republicans were dreaming of a “President Ah’nuld”), or, lacking a Birth Certificate, a “circumcision certificate” from your Moyle (not a legal document).


Then there’s the pathetic whining on the Right last week over President Obama daring to criticize the insane economic plan of Wunderkind Paul Ryan. These are the same people that have been slamming President Obama mercilessly 24/7 over everything from where he was born to his NCAA picks. And he dare criticize their policies? President Obama probably instead should of pointed out how much Paul Ryan resembles Mickey Mouse:

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But Mugsy decided to show us a Youtube comment battle between himself and a perfect example of the right’s thinking. Here is a little piece of the long battle, it’s pretty interesting to read, especially if you are curious what motivates these wingnuts and how they like to argue. Red is the right, Blue is the left…ding, ding…

Bush was right. He said after democracy takes hold in Iraq, it would spread throughout the region… and that’s what’s happening right now.
NAGGERNUTZ 1 week ago

@NAGGERNUTZ Eight years after Iraq, in a country over 1,000 miles away (Tunisia), protests against the government in the midst of a global economic recession, all happened because they see “Democracy flourishing in Iraq”? Why not credit the fall of the Berlin Wall while you’re at it?
BI30 1 week ago

@BI30 – Bush was still right.
NAGGERNUTZ 1 week ago

@NAGGERNUTZ Iraq has NOTHING to do with what is going on the Northern Africa and the lower Middle East right now.
BI30 1 week ago

@BI30 – Tell me something I don’t know. Bush was STILL right. Sorry it chafes your ass, but it’s true.

Bush said “once democracy is established in Iraq, it will spread throughout the region”. It’s happening right now. Maybe Iraq didn’t have anything to do with it, but it’s STILL happening… so… BUSH WAS RIGHT.
NAGGERNUTZ 1 week ago

@NAGGERNUTZ If you credit Carter with the fall of the Berlin Wall, then your argument holds. But in fact, these protests *are taking place in Iraq right now too*. Bush’s argument was that the sight of a flourishing Democracy in Iraq would encourage people in other nations to follow suit wanting the same thing. If “Iraq” is the reason why these nations are protesting, why is *Iraq* protesting? Because they’ve seen how good Democracy is? Democracy is not “flourishing” in Iraq. Bush was WRONG.

Go and check out Mugsy’s site, he is really good.


2 thoughts on “The World Through A Right-Wing Filter!

  1. I like Mugsy and wish he had the time to blog more than about once a week…but then he has to work for a living. Someday, would like to sit down and meet him but Houston is a big city, covers a lot of territory. And he isn’t a firebagger either, will criticize Obama when he feels it is warranted, but is is a pragmatic REALIST. Too bad so many great little blogs don’t get the big hits like Kos, HuffPo, FDL, etc. Like that the small blogs aren’t afraid to give credit where credit is due, but then they don’t blog for the money.

    I see a typical insult troll tries to one-up Mugsy with failed logic and uses REICH-wing memes like “man up”, so we know where the tool is getting his ammo (not from his own brain, for sure).

  2. Few things right wingers for the most part have selective memories when it comes to their idols fuck ups.I got into a fight with couple of Glenn Beck fanboys on YouTube’s comment section couple of summers ago. Another thing right wingers like to do is lie and deny. i.e. did you know the holocaust shooter was a liberal? Yeah a liberal who had a anti-semitic blog with clips of Glenn Beck on it and went to sites like Free Republic.

    Reality for your average right winger doesn’t exist, they live in a world where if liberals hates something they’re going to support it, I had a guy tell me straight up the only reason he likes Bush was because liberals hated him.

    As for blogs I wish other people like Angry Black Lady(the only person I think could beat the rude pundit in a cuss off)get more of the spotlight but even so called progressive media outlets don’t highlight smaller blogs.

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