Michigan’s Dictator Rick Snyder Gets Rachel Maddow’s Most Extreme Award!

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Highlights From President Obama’s Interview On ABC

I’ll let the President speak for himself in this post. If people listen to him without filtering it through their hatred, racism or sore-loser glasses, you can clearly see that President Obama is the exact person who should be leading our country. There is no other politician that even comes close to being as qualified to lead our country. I know I’ll be called an Obot or Obamaton or any number of junior high school names that the haters have for us. I don’t really care, to be honest. Here are the highlights, as I read them…(emphasis mine)

George Stephanopoulos: You said it would lead to a fundamentally different America.

President Obama: Well, and I think that’s absolutely true.  If you set revenues at around 16 percent of our gross domestic product, then what flows from it is exactly what Mr. Ryan’s proposing.  70 percent cuts in clean energy.  25 percent cuts in education.  We cut transportation spending by a third.  And we end Medicare as we know it, fundamentally.  I mean, that– that’s just– that– but that’s a fact.


George Stephanopoulos: And you were so forceful on that.  And you said, “As long as you’re President, you’re not going to sign any deal where the taxes don’t go up on the wealthy.”  Republicans have been just as hard-lined on the other side.  How do you reconcile those two visions?

President Obama: …(cut) So, we get to that $4 trillion without having to fundamentally change Medicare.  Without having to abandon our commitment to parents who have kids who are autistic or you know, those of us who have parents who– who may end up being in a nursing home and can’t afford the care. Without abandoning our commitment to investments in things like transportation or education that are going to help us create jobs and economic growth over the long term.  So– but– the– what I wanted to do yesterday, and I– I think I did successfully is to make very clear to the American people that we have a choice.  We can’t get everything the government offers and not pay for it.  And I think everybody agrees on that. And so, we have two choices.  Either we don’t pay for it.  In which case we have a– society that is not caring for our seniors the way it should, is not providing some basic security for people who really need it, and is not investing in the future.  Or we can decide to continue on the path that has made us the greatest country on earth.  Make those investments.  Have a basic social safety net.  And we can do it without hurting the middle class–

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Warren Buffet Thinks The Rich Should Pay More Taxes

What does Warren Buffet know anyway? I wish he would take some of his money and buy some advertising time and push that idea. The brainwashed masses and media are still operating under the commands of their “Brainwasher-in-chief” Ronald Reagan, who raised taxes 7 out of 8 years that he was in office. But the brainwashing was so damn good that even now, many Republicans faces go blank when you tell them that. They get a look of cognitive dissonance. “Does not compute”. Take it away, Warren, buddy.

The World Through A Right-Wing Filter!

I often wonder how people can believe some of the shit they believe, in politics and other things as well. We have a few commenters who like to come to this site and give us examples of that craziness and skewed perspective on the world. Most of it is the direct result of the misinformation campaigns that permeate the right-wing media like Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, Malkin and many others who like to peddle in lies. Some of it is the permanent brainwashing that began in the Reagan era and continues to this day, mostly through the main stream media. There are many examples of this, supply side economics being the main one.

Our most excellent commenter, Grant in Texas, pointed me to this post by Mugsy at Mugsy’s Rap Sheet out of Houston, Texas. He gets into a debate with a wingnut about whether President W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq is the cause of all this democracy busting out across the middle east. It gets pretty deep, but it is a very good lesson in how some on the right view the world as we know it, or don’t. I particularly like Mugsy’s opening where he is deciding what to write about…

There are so many other topics I considered writing about this week. Topic Idea #1: Under GOP rule, the state of Arizona is rapidly becoming the worlds largest insane asylum. First it was the racist/xenophobic “Papers please” anti-immigration bill, followed by the AZ-GOP “Death Panel” that decided a new for-profit, privately run prison system was more important than providing mortally ill patients with life-saving organ transplants. And now last week AZ passes the nations first “birther bill” that mandates Presidential candidates to either “prove” they meet the Constitutional birthright qualifications by providing a “long-form birth certificate” (it wasn’t that long ago Republicans were dreaming of a “President Ah’nuld”), or, lacking a Birth Certificate, a “circumcision certificate” from your Moyle (not a legal document).


Then there’s the pathetic whining on the Right last week over President Obama daring to criticize the insane economic plan of Wunderkind Paul Ryan. These are the same people that have been slamming President Obama mercilessly 24/7 over everything from where he was born to his NCAA picks. And he dare criticize their policies? President Obama probably instead should of pointed out how much Paul Ryan resembles Mickey Mouse:

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President Obama IS The Best President We’ve Ever Had!

I make that bold statement because when you add up everything that is stacked against him and the forces that are trying to take him down, he continues to rise above it and make serious change happen in this country. All of us liberals, of course, wish the change would come faster and also bigger, but when you look at the forces arrayed against this president from both the right and the left, he is undoubtedly the best damn president this country has ever seen.

As someone who has supported him since his keynote address in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention, I have not wavered in my support. It isn’t because of some blind, cult-like belief in him like so many in the “firebagger” crowd (Hamsher, Greenwald, Uygur, Huffington et al) would want you to believe. They share that attitude with people on the far right, which should say something to you about the firebaggers. I’ve railed against those asshats plenty, go to the archives to see it, if you are interested. But my support of Senator Obama, candidate Obama and now President Obama is because he has a clear vision for what he sees as the role of government to average people. Not the ones who can afford a lobbyist, but real people like you and I. Since President Obama’s speech on Tuesday, there have been many great articles that speak to that vision. Rick Ungar at Forbes has a most excellent column on President Obama’s character, go read the whole thing. Here is a snippet…(emphasis mine)

What did it for me in Obama’s plan to get the nation’s finances in order was that the President took his stand against the GOP effort to take away the soul of this nation while staring directly into the eyes of Rep. Paul Ryan- the architect of the document that would remake this country in the mold of third world nations where there are rich people and poor people with nobody in the middle.

Unlike the taunts, personal insults and barbs that Ryan and his companions lob at the president on a daily basis from the safety of a television studio, Obama took the route that requires character.

He did it to Ryan’s face.

The President invited the Wisconsin congressman, and a few of his congressional confederates, to attend the speech, placed them right up front and proceeded to call these people out for the hegemony they would visit on millions of Americans to benefit their wealthy political patrons with a trillion more in tax cuts.


The response from the right wing speaks volume about their character. The same people who go on Fox News and hurl insults and blatant lies about our president have the audacity to cry about the President telling them, to their faces, that they are wrong and going into details on why they are wrong, that takes character. Getting in front of a Fox News camera where you know you won’t be challenged and can say any crazy thing you want, SHOWS NO CHARACTER.

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