Tracy Morgan Treats Donald Trump Like The Clown That He Is

You may have already seen this, but I liked it so much, I’ve watched it about 4 times. It cracks me up.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 thoughts on “Tracy Morgan Treats Donald Trump Like The Clown That He Is

  1. It’s a masterful comedic response from Tracy Morgan on that “Donald Trump thing”. roflmao!

    I think it should go as viral as Trump has.

  2. Tracy Morgan should go all out…like Stephen Colbert did with the #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement thing.

    Taunt Donald Trump…but the thing is, Trump relishes in attention so it would only help him.

  3. Trump is garnering too much attention all by himself with the aid of M$M(does overkill mean anything to them?)..there needs to be others out there calling him on it, imv.

    Check out Doonesbury from the 17th of April. :)

    There were some biting comments on Benen’s Blog today under his piece on Trump. One said there were Blacks who were boycotting his Atlantic City place. Don’t know if it’s true but I know I wouldn’t put my money anywhere near anything with Trump on it.

  4. Not that I ever watched Trump’s “reality” show much, anyway, but I will never watch his “Apprentice” ever again. If he runs for president he will not be able to sign a 3-year extension coming up soon on his contract. But if he continues with his “show”, can NBC accept millions who may now boycott it due to his outrageous, racist lies?

  5. The birthers were handed a defeat late this afternoon when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer VETOED the “birther bill” just passed in the legislature forcing anyone running in a presidential primary in that state to PROVE they are a citizen of the USA. First of all the presidency is a FEDERAL position and the primary elections are a function of the political parties. It would have been ruled “unconstitutional” even by a Roberts Court.

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