Predominantly Black City of Benton Harbor Taken Over By Governor Rick Snyder!

Benton Harbor Michigan is made up of 92% African-Americans and is the first city in Michigan that our new dictator Governor Rick Snyder has targeted for takeover by an “Emergency Financial Manager”. This is scary stuff, people. If you aren’t sitting up in your chair with your jaw on your chest, you haven’t read far enough. Eclectablog has all the details, go look at it. I’m pasting just a piece of his first post on the matter, this is BREAKING NEWS and I’m sure he will keep us updated, bookmark his site.

Today, for the first time, an EFM did just that. According to a press release from the Michigan AFL-CIO, Joseph L. Harris, EFM for Benton Harbor, Michigan issued “an order prohibiting all action by all city boards, commissions, authorities and other entities, except as authorized by the emergency manager.”

And you thought that you got to pick your elected leaders, think again. I’m thinking of getting in my car and driving to Lansing to storm the castle. And I thought I was going to have a relaxing weekend.

Updated: Rachel Maddow does two stories on our nutty Governor. I love that woman.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

17 thoughts on “Predominantly Black City of Benton Harbor Taken Over By Governor Rick Snyder!

  1. The city is next, I’m sure. Our nerdy dictator is taking over our state and will soon be selling it off to his corporate buddies. Mark my words.

    Lawyers better be scrambling to do something about it.

  2. Bobb is hinting about just going around the teachers’ union in a few weeks if a deal is struck between them. This shit has to be unconstitutional but with the Repugs controlling the state supreme court they probably got the Richard Nixon approach if the governor does it then it’s legal.

  3. Benton Harbor was an established sanctuary on the “Underground Railroad” so blacks have a long history there. The “North” was to protect them from the mistreatment so many had suffered under slavery in the “South”.

    Growing up nearby in South Bend, Indiana, where our “beaches” were in SW Michigan, we were always aware of the St. Joseph River being a great divide, of race and of wages, between black Benton Harbor and the mostly white, much more prosperous St. Joseph across the river.

    I have been questioned (even here on this blog) as to why I would choose to live in a presumed racist Texas. Like most EVERYWHERE in the USA, it is not Utopia, here, either, but when I moved to Houston in 1965, it was already more integrated in housing and education than the segregated Chicago I had just left. Jim Crow was prevalent all over the Midwest, in all but the largest cities. Here in Texas, for the first time I heard blacks say that in the “north”, white folks “love” the black race (most often from a safe distance) but hate the individual, but here in the “South” they hate the race but love the “individual” and many seemed more acceptable to the arrangement, here. Seemed that many white people here had had cherished blacks in their lives, albeit often being nannies, nursemaids, domestic servants, handymen, etc. but for many they felt treated almost like family members (re. “Driving Miss Daisy”). My rural school district in northern Indiana was 100% white and other than buying peanuts at Comiskey Park, I never had a real conversation with a black person until college.

    The infamous river that divides the “twin cities” of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor reveals that we haven’t come all that far from our nation’s immoral racial history even 150 years after the Civil War. IMO, our first black president has had to suffer not so subtle, even purely racist attacks that white presidents were never subjected. We don’t like to think as our nation as being racist, but I fear we are not facing the truth.

    Online, I find that Benton Harbor’s giant Whirlpool Corp. has 35 manufacturing plants worldwide with only 9 now left in the USA and NONE anymore in Benton Harbor even though they still have headquarters there. Some good JOBS there again would be a boon to the community. I am sure the “Massa” Republicans in Lansing will solve that problem when they place Benton Harbor “in receivership” You know the “childish” blacks cannot fend for themselves! /snark

  4. The rest of the story:
    Jean Klock Park, granted in perpetuity, in 1917,by Klock family in memory of their daughter, on condition it be kept as a park for the enjoyment of all the children.

    Congressman Fred Upton: Whirlpool founder grandson, general all-around crook. Has understudy to thievery, Al Psholka. Upton and buddies Koch get Al Psholka ELECTED to Michigan house.

    First thing newly elected Psholka does is put the bill that Upton wanted out there and get it passed. That’s the martial law bill.

    WHY? Because those pesky people in Benton Harbor keep suing and appealing over the Whirlpool (read Koch and Upton as investors, possibly Pscholka, or so people say) plan to steal the park land, which is waterfront, and create a humongous development including a golf course etc., and not allow any of those townspeople (especially the children) in.

    In return, they gave the town some brownfield land that has not been cleaned up.

    So Snyder cut the taxes for companies and the rich, while taking away the Earned Income Tax Credit, then cut funding that goes back to local governments………and now, Abracadabra, the locals are now in financial trouble, eligible to be taken over by his CEOS.

    Is it all a scam, just to get the land of Benton Harbor?
    I’ve heard there are other parks in the state that developers want, too. Watch for those local govs to be dissolved next.

    I am planning a move to Vermont.

  5. Agree, but how will they find out, that is the hard part. How else did that GOP goon Prosser actually get so much of the vote in Wisconsin, if the majority of people were “in the loop”?
    No news papers, no TV news, tons of extremist radio….libraries, where unemployed/poor get internet access, closing down……
    What do we do? I’m afraid we have to go door to door.

  6. Well the great thing is that Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz both did stories about Benton Harbor and there are many of us bloggers who are pushing, so all hope isn’t lost. The only real way to stop it is to elect Democrats. Hopefully they haven’t destroyed the state by then. I’m fortunate that I have a stable job in education and a fairly successful production company so I can stay in the state.

  7. I’m in health care……most clients now uninsured.
    Husband – teacher – laid off.
    But that’s not why I want Vermont.
    I want to live among the people who elected Bernie Sanders and once had Howard Dean for their gov. I’m old and I just need a break from people whom I can’t convince to vote, and especially from those who actually voted for Snyder.

  8. That park was given to the city “for the children”. It said nothing about providing a big coperation with space for a golf course. Snyder has made a huge error here and this will go towards a one term election but picking up the pieces after he leaves won’t be easy.

  9. There’s a group in Michigan that have filed a petition seeking recall of Rick Snyder..can’t really call him a “gov” since he’s nothing but a dictator.

    Here’s a snip..

    “The petition wording says Snyder: “has approved and signed various laws that take authority and funds from local governments and school districts and vest them with the state. He has obtained for himself, through his appointed Emergency Financial Managers, the power to invalidate legal and binding contracts entered into by properly elected local authorities. He has sought tax increases upon retirees and lower income families, but instead of addressing the deficit, he has sought large new tax cuts for corporations and businesses.”

    On its website,, the group says it is seeking Snyder’s recall over legislation that allows the appointment of an emergency financial manager for school districts and municipalities struggling financially.

    Kramer said the group opposes the emergency manager law, among other policies of the governor.”

    The comments here have been informative..thank you and Good Luck, Michigan!

  10. Sure is intersesting to see all the bias, due to the new govenor being conservative.
    Just to remind all you open minded readers that Jennifer Grandholm appointed the commitioner to help the finacialy struggling city. Engler made Benton Harbor a enterprise zone to help save the city. If the people of Benton harbor had any abiltiy to save the city, don’t you think that would have happened by now. Instead of being all particent, how about thinking about what might be best for the future of the city, and the young kids that may find out that success is possible and start a new way of thinking.

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