Scott Walker Admits He Lied About Collective Bargaining

The brazenness of many in the Republican Party in recent years has just been astounding. With everything in the damn world being video taped, whether by the media or that guy like me with an iPhone pointed at you, you would think that Republicans would be a little more careful with their lies. They seem to have an overconfidence, and they have a right to, since Fox News absolutely never calls out a single Republican for a lie. Never. And the rest of the media is not much better with the exception of the opinion shows at night on MSNBC, but they also waste a lot of their time attacking progressives and the president while Republicans continue to lie. I would imagine that the 4 opinion shows on MSNBC could spend all of their time exposing just lies of Republicans and they still wouldn’t be able to get to them all.

Greg Sargent at The Plum Line gives some details on the hearing above where finally, someone held Walker’s feet to the fire and made him admit the lie that fed the fight against collective bargaining rights for unions. From Greg…

The debate over whether Walker campaigned on that plan has been central to the Wisconsin battle since it began, and it remains significant now that the drive to recall Wisconsin Republicans is under way. Labor and Dems have argued that their reaction to Walker’s proposal — from the Dems’ fleeing of the state to the decision to initiate the recall drives — has been justified by the fact that Walker never leveled with voters about his truly radical intentions.

The claim that Walker campaigned on the proposal has also been central to Walker’s defense of himself throughout the whole fight, and has been widely repeated by many Republicans and conservatives defending the Governor.

And here was his lie, at least one version of it.

This is at odds with what Walker has said in the past. Asked in February whether his move to limit union power was payback, Walker replied: “It’s not a tit for tat. The simple matter is I campaigned on this all throughout the election.”

Recall that bastard, send him packing, fire all the friends he’s put into cushy jobs and shun him forever in American politics. I’m sure that’s going to happen.


One thought on “Scott Walker Admits He Lied About Collective Bargaining

  1. Great article. I hope momentum stays with the prounion/middle class and they recall him as well as all these union busting people.

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