The Professional Left Have Jumped The Shark!

If you don’t know the expression “Jump the Shark”, go here to get caught up. The last few days have been pretty wild in the left blogotubes. I’m just going to rant a bit, WARNING, PROFANITY TO FOLLOW, put the kids to bed. If you are offended by profanity, you may want to skip this post.

The Professional Left – I am so fucking pissed at these selfish, money-grubbing, petty asswipes who seem to be intent on bringing the Democratic party to their knees and elevating the fucking evil Republicans and Teabaggers to power. Maybe they need to come and visit Michigan, where we have one of the nuttiest fucking governors ever elected to the office, fucking over the poor, the jobless, students, children, senior citizens (he’s raising taxes on seniors) and he torpedoed a very successful film incentive program from our former Governor Granholm, who was awesome, considering the mess she was handed by our previous wingnut Governor John Engler.

Here are some of the responses from the REAL LEFT BLOGOSPHERE, mostly towards the whiny ass titty babies in the Professional Left…

Matt Osborne (Osborne Ink) – Firebaggers are all “I’m not specifically seeing my pony, ergo it’s a conservative Obot trick.” AND I often think of firebaggers as Monday morning QBs who think they know football better than their favorite team’s coach.

Angry Black Lady (Angry Black Lady Chronicles) – (to Jane Hamsher) you are a very petty person. Enjoy your irrelevance, Jane. You can drink to THAT.

Black Water Dog (The Only Adult In The Room) – (to Ezra Klein) Not a bad thing to actually wait to hear the speech itself, right? AND “the president we voted for”??? Go to hell, U didnt back him once in the last 2 years and you’ll turn against him tomorrow. U can’t fool us.

Johnny C (Motor City Liberal) – I unsubscribed to PCCC and told them they fuckin suck when I went to unsubscribe page.

Rick Klein – (The Note) to re-cap a bit more: President Obama took Paul Ryan’s plan off the table and then stomped on it for a while.

Oliver Willis (Oliver Willis) – Obama got so taken in during budget deal, Pawlenty now arguing versus the deal.

Melissa Harris-Perry – (Melissa Harris-Perry) And I think the Left has unsophisticated idea of how to hold the Party “accountable”

Bob Cesca (Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go!) – All of the progressive freakouts about “Medicare being on the table” prior to the president’s speech today were, once again, a series of emo kneejerk overreactions.

Side note of trivia…one of my brothers played guitar on the song “Happy Days”, won a gold record for it. That’s where the “jumping the shark” reference is from, Happy Days.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m investing in fainting couches…Greenwald and Hamsher have to be going through them daily.


9 thoughts on “The Professional Left Have Jumped The Shark!

  1. Can we make the argument that the GOP is trying to do away with a class of people here in America? With no health care and little or no assistance from their gov. could the lower and lower middle class begin to die off or move out of this country? Is this plan similar to another over in Europe a few years back? And see I didn’t mention the “H” word!

  2. Thank You!!! This summary was just as good as Obama Speech. The PL need to grow up, and realize they ain’t the only game in town.

  3. Well, I’d say you nailed it. You know some on the Professional Left use to be NeoCons. Just saying…………..

  4. I’m close to stop using “Raw Story” as a source because some of their headlines look like firebaggers wrote them and they give Dennis Kucinich every free chance to bash the President.

  5. Today in one of the nearly daily emails I get begging for money from several “progressive” websites I subscribe to, got this critique of Obama’s speech today from Truthout, a “progressive” site that doesn’t believe this was Obama’s “defining moment” after all:

    Therein lies the problem: it was all just words. Again. There have been many such “defining moments” during this administration, most of which involved retreat, surrender and failure after festooning the walls with words. We heard great talk about including the public option in the health care bill – until Mr. Obama retreated, leaving many to wonder if he ever meant to include it at all. We heard great talk about closing Guantanamo, until he retreated. We heard great talk about repealing the Bush tax cuts for rich people, until that fell by the wayside as well. The very fact that we are still talking about those damnable tax breaks is evidence enough of how far those words go, and that is not very far at all, so far.

    Even Rachel and Ed Schultz seem to disagree with William Rivers Pitt over at TruthOut and think this speech was a “defining moment”.

  6. Dennis Kucinich on Ed Schultz, says we need “more details” from Obama before he will “sign on” with the president. Dennis doesn’t like Obama saying, “Everything is on the table”, plus he didn’t say a word about military spending on national security costs and wars.

  7. The neocons allegedly grew out from what was first called “neoliberalism”…referring to the U. of Chicago Leo Straussian school of politics. Famous students of the school include William Kristol, Alan Keyes, Paul Wolfowitz, Andrew Sullivan, among others. But Strauss defenders claim he was apolitical and therefore not responsible for the rise of neoconservatism.

  8. I had a backup of unread emails and just opened Truthout’s Tuesday letter tonight. Wish I had read the “progressive” William Rivers Pitt FIRST, before I wasted my time watching the president! /snark Pitt wrote:

    On Wednesday, the Democratic president of the United States will stand somberly before a bank of television cameras to announce the orderly annihilation of the social contract that has guarded and sustained the American people for generations. It was a Democratic president who created that contract, followed by other Democratic presidents who defended it, and now a Democratic president is choosing to undo it. Not all at once, of course. It will take time in the doing, but the downhill run to that dissolution begins tomorrow.

    And oh, Pitt wants me to keep Truthout “on course” with my tax-deductible contribution.

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