Quick Hits From The Internets – Don’t Inhale!

The tides have turned for the GOP in the house. I’m thinking landslide in 2012 for Democrats.

From the WTF wire, Virginia teacher holds mock slave auction. Woe….I’m stunned.

Multiple Bankruptcy anti-mogul Donald Trump says he will run as an independent if the GOP doesn’t fawn over him. Bring it on, hair-boy!

When conventional wisdom collides with reality, Governor Christie isn’t that popular and not many even know who the hell he is.

And it turns out all the preemptive whining on the left was for naught, of course. JM Ashby at Bob Cesca’s pad has the story.


3 thoughts on “Quick Hits From The Internets – Don’t Inhale!

  1. Going to rant a bit here:
    I know everyone are enjoying JM’s post over at Bob Cesca’s blog but this caving meme is catching on. Ed screamed it during his opening remarks so I guess I’ll be listening to sports talk until Randi Rhodes comes on.

    Since Obama became president it seems I’ve been fighting with the self appointed, self righteous pricks on the left more than I’ve been fighting right wingers/tea baggers. I spent two days fighting with tea baggers but I spent a week debating firebaggers and Cenk Uygur fanboys on DU.

    I believe we should be critical of the president when he needs it but shit these people want Obama to do everything. I was listening to Stephanie Miller this morning and a caller called in asking “why isn’t Obama saying anything about the Wisconsin supreme court race?” I wanted to call in and ask the caller what the fuck do you want him to do or say regarding a state matter?

    I’m surprised people don’t want Obama to comment about the new Spider-Man suit design in the upcoming reboot. Al Sharpton hit the nail on the fucking head, people have given up their own responsibility and expect Obama to wipe their ass for them.

    I swear if this president goes down next year I have no problem boycotting Thom Hartmann show, Ed Schultz show and MSNBC and if my local talk radio station or MSNBC revert back to right wing or semi right wing oh well.

    And I will vote in 2014(Snyder is a douche) but not in 2016 using Rachel Maddow logic I would be only enabling the firebaggers by voting for Russ Feingold or whomever they like.

  2. We need to keep pounding on them John, they will swing back to reality once a Republican opponent is picked. They are riding a wave of completely misdirected populist outrage, some for the money and others…well, I think we all know where some of it comes from.

    I’ve been working on a post about our friend Cenk, I don’t think he will like it if he sees it. Aieeeeee…

    I also have one rolling around in my head on MSNBC…I swear to god, I’m going to start my own cable network someday. Fox needs a competitor, seriously. There’s a huge market out there to be grabbbed.

  3. MSNBC being a left wing counterbalance to Fox News is the biggest myth out there. MSNBC only has three hours of progressive programming and because their straight news coverage between 9AM and 5PM isn’t as in your face biased as Fox News’ only means they value the truth a little more than Fox News.

    I’m not asking the progressive media to say oh praise the great Obama but damn give the brother some fucking credit. President Obama passed health care and all Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow can say where’s the public option? I barely listen to Stephanie Miller on Friday because well I’m not even going to try to spell that dude name, all he does shit on the Democrats about not doing anything and whines about the media.

    He both ask and answer his own question. The reason the Democrats have such issues with messaging is because the media holds them to a different standard and will not simply repeat DNC talking points or slogans.

    As for Cenk I know that dude is genuine as a three dollar bill. Like I said in the “The Cave in that wasn’t” post I used to watch The Young Turks video blog shows from 2009 to early summer of 2010 and Cenk wasn’t that critical of Obama. Sorry for ranting.

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