Steve Benen Is A Rock Star!

This is a two-fer. First, it s a huge shout out to the best blogger on the internet, my hero, Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly and it is also a great story about the strange election in Wisconsin that everyone is saying is a referendum on Scott Walker. Go Steve, you rock, dude.

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One thought on “Steve Benen Is A Rock Star!

  1. I’ve been a fan of Steve Benen’s since Carpetbagger days, myself, though have made myself stop messing around on the internet and focus on writing the last couple years (nothing like cancer to make you feel maybe there’s not enough time).

    Anyways, just wandering around the internet tonight, feeling frustrated because The L.A. Times has posted an article about a Muslim evangelist,0,2187828.story
    and I predicted that we’d be seeing this kind of thing in the Middle East in the book I put up on Kindle a month ago: The Middle East Revolutions (A Framework for Analysis).

    Can’t figure out how to get anyone to read it. Let me know if you’d like me to send you a copy as a gift – it’s a $2.99 kindle book, but you can get a free app and read it on your computer.

    Been working at tracing historical patterns of revolutionary change for about a decade now (minus the cancer year). After re-writing the original over-arching book three times without finding a publisher, I turned to kindle, and felt I should focus on practical specific expectations -like the Middle East events.

    I have a Ph.D. from Cornell in Government, but that, of course, doesn’t guarantee that I’m not a crank.

    This has turned into a rant, hasn’t it? Sorry. Sigh. Bad mood.

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