Reverend Al Sharpton Vs. Cornel West – Ding, Ding!

Now that I am on Twitter, things will probably be a little different. I have decided that as I get great links from the “Twitterverse”, I’m going to post them here, just to share with all of you who may not be on Twitter. After two days being on Twitter, I have mixed feelings about it. I love the links and the great people I’m following, but man it could take over your life in a hurry.

W.E.E. See You…has the video, go check it out.

I personally need to watch it again and try to listen to just one of the men at a time, there was a lot of talking (screaming) over each other.



3 thoughts on “Reverend Al Sharpton Vs. Cornel West – Ding, Ding!

  1. Hi EL,
    That was quite a show yesterday. I was on WSY and watching live TV at the time and blogging with them. First time I ever did that. It as enlightening. I enjoyed my self a lot. I have watched some of Cornell Wests rants and I am of the mind that man is really hateful towards the President. People like him do the black community no good. Have a good day. Got to get ready for work. :)

  2. Even though Blacks make up few Republicans any more, it seems the most radical, extreme REICH-wingers on cablenews are often black. Wonder if they would join the KKK also, if the robes were offered to them?

  3. I’m going to repeat what I said on “Democratic”Underground Al Sharpton did something I wish more people would do when they confront one of these firebaggers on TV. When Al got Cornel West fumbling and stumbling over himself I thought Mr.West would blame Obama for D.C.Comics killing off Superman back in 1992.

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