My Tweets To Jane Hamsher!

This was Jane’s first tweet, at least that I saw anyway.
janehamsher Jane Hamsher
“Getting Serious” About Social Security – Or Why Obama Fills Me with Dread (link deleted, no way in hell I’m giving her clicks)
My reply to her tweet.
ExtremeLiberal Jim Schaub (yep, that’s my real name)
@janehamsher It’s because you are a professional hater…making money off of hate…you don’t believe it, you see money in it! Money, money!
A little later, she sent out this Tweet.
janehamsher Jane Hamsher
For Obama, Abortion Proves Not So Much a Right as a Bargaining Chip (link deleted, no fucking way am I’m giving her clicks)
And here is my response to that Tweet.
ExtremeLiberal Jim Schaub
@janehamsher Do you EVER attack Republicans anymore, or is it just the black President that you attack now?
One of her supporters, she has one apparently…probably a teabagger, they are all over her comment section, said this to her.
mystic23 Jayson Tanner
@janehamsher hi Jane. just wanted to let you know that not everyone on the so-called left hates you. hugs.
And here was my response to both of them.
ExtremeLiberal Jim Schaub
@mystic23 @janehamsher Most of us liberal democrats, 80 + in recent polls, support President Obama. I think Jane is the “so-called” liberal.
I kind of like this Twitter thing, I can be a brat. I am the youngest of 5 boys, you know?

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