My Tweets To Jane Hamsher!

This was Jane’s first tweet, at least that I saw anyway.
janehamsher Jane Hamsher
“Getting Serious” About Social Security – Or Why Obama Fills Me with Dread (link deleted, no way in hell I’m giving her clicks)
My reply to her tweet.
ExtremeLiberal Jim Schaub (yep, that’s my real name)
@janehamsher It’s because you are a professional hater…making money off of hate…you don’t believe it, you see money in it! Money, money!
A little later, she sent out this Tweet.
janehamsher Jane Hamsher
For Obama, Abortion Proves Not So Much a Right as a Bargaining Chip (link deleted, no fucking way am I’m giving her clicks)
And here is my response to that Tweet.
ExtremeLiberal Jim Schaub
@janehamsher Do you EVER attack Republicans anymore, or is it just the black President that you attack now?
One of her supporters, she has one apparently…probably a teabagger, they are all over her comment section, said this to her.
mystic23 Jayson Tanner
@janehamsher hi Jane. just wanted to let you know that not everyone on the so-called left hates you. hugs.
And here was my response to both of them.
ExtremeLiberal Jim Schaub
@mystic23 @janehamsher Most of us liberal democrats, 80 + in recent polls, support President Obama. I think Jane is the “so-called” liberal.
I kind of like this Twitter thing, I can be a brat. I am the youngest of 5 boys, you know?

The New Balloon Boy, Donald Trump, And His Many Bankruptcies!

That Donny Trump has a pretty high opinion of himself these days and isn’t really shy in saying so. But he gets awfully defensive about his many bankruptcies and seems to think because it was the different corporations that went bankrupt, it really wasn’t him. He shielded himself pretty good, which is smart I guess. But just because you are shielded doesn’t mean it isn’t your company that went bankrupt. International Business Times has a story about it, check it out…

In an interview with Kelly Evans of the Wall Street Journal, Trump was asked if someone (like him) who has filed multiple corporate bankruptcies should be running the finances of the US, especially at a time when the national debt is so high.

Trump responded that he simply used the law of the country – namely Chapter 11 – to negotiate corporate debt deals. He also said great businessmen like Carl Icahn and Henry Kravis both have filed for corporate bankruptcies.


Previously, Trump filed for corporate bankruptcy in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009.

As Trump stated in the interview, these Chapter 11 corporate bankruptcies were used to negotiate debt deals. After the deals were done, all of his companies went on to survive (and in some cases thrive).

The Balloon Boy reference is from a previous post, just click here.

Reverend Al Sharpton Vs. Cornel West – Ding, Ding!

Now that I am on Twitter, things will probably be a little different. I have decided that as I get great links from the “Twitterverse”, I’m going to post them here, just to share with all of you who may not be on Twitter. After two days being on Twitter, I have mixed feelings about it. I love the links and the great people I’m following, but man it could take over your life in a hurry.

W.E.E. See You…has the video, go check it out.

I personally need to watch it again and try to listen to just one of the men at a time, there was a lot of talking (screaming) over each other.


Steve Benen Is A Rock Star!

This is a two-fer. First, it s a huge shout out to the best blogger on the internet, my hero, Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly and it is also a great story about the strange election in Wisconsin that everyone is saying is a referendum on Scott Walker. Go Steve, you rock, dude.

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