Some Wisdom On The Professional Left – Getting Real!

I lifted this comment, with permission, from a post over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles who has inspired me in many ways after spending some time there earlier today. This comment from Betty Cracker nails it as far as I’m concerned, I’m sure many of you will agree. (emphasis mine)

@ Insipid — I think there are several factors at play in how the “progressive left” is reacting to the most progressive president we’ve had in generations. [Note: I consider myself a progressive leftist in the sense that if I could wave a magic wand, I’d adopt a Scandinavian-flavored social-democratic style of government. I use the term in scare quotes in the opening sentence to differentiate my progressive leftism from the firebagger brand…]

Anyhoo, my sense is that a certain percentage of the firebaggers are just politically inexperienced. They probably never bothered to read Candidate Obama’s policy proposals; they were just caught up in the movement aspects of the campaign and are now shocked — shocked! — at what they perceive as the paucity of ponies. And why don’t they see the actual, honest-to-god ponies? Because they don’t know enough about history to realize change doesn’t happen overnight. They think FDR just went tada! and pulled Social Security out of his arse rather than striking deals with the devil (including the exclusion of most women and minorities) to establish the concept that this country has a stake in not allowing its seniors to starve to death, a rather radical idea at the time. Not unlike the concept President Obama established, that we have some responsibility to ensure health care for all our citizens.

Another percentage are more interested in burnishing their “more liberal than thou” cred than the dirty business of governing and the odious compromises that go along with it. They aren’t naive per se, but they see every compromise as an opportunity to focus attention on their moral superiority. I suspect a lot of our political pundits fall into this category.

And lastly, yeah, as you noted, racism comes into play too — and gender politics as well. As someone who expended a lot of pixels on the PUMA silliness during the 2008 primaries, I’ve got to say I was somewhat surprised how quickly and eagerly the disgruntled “Hillary or fuck America in the ass — hard!” contingent embraced wingnut memes about Obama as the “Affirmative Action” candidate, etc.

I was surprised and disheartened. But in the end, it turned out to be a vanishingly small subgroup. It didn’t make a dent in Obama’s electoral performance among either whites or women compared to how white candidates like John Kerry fared. And I think we (Democrats, liberals, whatever) are better off to have that shit out in the open.


2 thoughts on “Some Wisdom On The Professional Left – Getting Real!

  1. I can agree with some people on that comment section I supported Hillary(even tho I like both candidates but I thought racism would work in the Republicans favor)what amazes me the people that pushed for Obama during the primaries and the election turned on him like rabid dogs. I used to get into heated debates with Obama supporters on DU during the primaries and now they’re calling him Bush’s third term.

    What I’m tripping over(for older white people tripping means confuse or don’t understand)they’re blaming Obama for the deals that been cut with the repugs.

    I told these people if they had gotten off their self-righteous asses and kept the house Democratic guess what Bush tax cuts probably won’t get extended and there won’t be a government shutdown cloud because the Repugs want to slash the middle class throats little by little by passing these week or two long stopgaps.

    And I’m tired debating Cenk fanboys yeah it’s fun telling those people their guy suck donkey balls but after a while it feels like I’m fighting with the nuts on Free Republic.

  2. It’s not only the talking heads, the firebaggers, but notice that “Liberal” web-sites like Truthout, Common Dreams, Reader Supported Newsetc. are piling on Obama, too (when they aren’t begging for donations!).

    IF Democrats had worked harder, even VOTED in Massachusetts to defeat Scott Brown (or had an industrious candidate who just didn’t sit on her ass and think she had Ted Kennedy’s seat by inheritance), the Democrats wouldn’t have had such a problem in the Senate. Without constant filibusters by Republicans, we could have done a lot more, even had a budget for this year LAST YEAR!

    If Democrats had worked harder to reveal the teabaggers for who they really are, rather than treat them like a joke that will soon be forgotten, we would still have a Democratic HOUSE and Obama wouldn’t have to work so hard to find a “compromise” which in teabag language means we get it all!

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