Alright, So I Went And Did It, I Joined Twitter!

I hope I don’t live to regret it, but I just plunged into the Twitterverse. I’m new to it, so cut me some slack at first. You can click on the “Follow me on Twitter” button I placed on the sidebar to your right. Any suggestions are appreciated from you experienced tweeters. Let the fun begin.

I have to tell you what inspired me to join. I was listening to the Bob and Elvis Show Podcast and Bob Cesca was “busting” Elvis out for “stalking” celebrities on Twitter. In this case, it was Albert Brooks that he was busting him out for. I love Albert Brooks and decided I would sign up just so I could follow him, he cracks me up. I’m also following Bob and Elvis, they also crack me up. Thanks Elvis!


3 thoughts on “Alright, So I Went And Did It, I Joined Twitter!

  1. I haven’t decided to get a twitter account yet. I may get one just to raise hell for Cenk and the Young Turks fanboys. But there’s Firebag Underground for that.

  2. So far I’m only following people I like, but you just inspired me Johnny….Cenk needs a thorn in his pompous side, I want to be that thorn. Actually, Jane Hamsher is the one I really want to go after.

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