The Last Word – Senator Patty Murray on Planned Parenthood

This is a must watch clip….click!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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One thought on “The Last Word – Senator Patty Murray on Planned Parenthood

  1. The American Taliban (aka Republicans) are willing to shut down the federal government and devastate the daily lives of millions of Americans because of a cultural vendetta against Planned Parenthood. It is another step of the continual plan of the theocrats to eat away, gut Roe v. Wade so badly, it ceases to exist except on paper. Who needs the Supreme Court (except to decide elections and give the corpfascists total control)?

    And it is becoming absolutely clear that Republican actions have never been about reducing government spending. By Planned Parenthood discovering cancers EARLY ON, they actually SAVE many more millions in health care by early detection of tumors…PLUS SAVE LIVES (which the PRO-LIFE folks should be wanting to do). They also do HIV testing, also potentially saving money and LIVES. Family Planning assistance also PREVENTS unwanted pregnancies, PREVENTING ABORTIONS in the end.

    Now the Republicscums are trying to shame/blame Democrats saying that withholding pay from the military is NOT “supporting the troops!” The GOP behavior is utterly despicable. Obama already GAVE the Republicans 78% of the cuts they asked for, a good “compromise” for anyone as compromise most often means both sides giving up 50-50.

    The hardships a government shutdown is unacceptable. The American TALIBAN must be stopped as this is only the first step in their theocratic rule over our nation. Give into them on this and they will be having a similar fight over every issue brought before the Congress. Their goal is a “teabag” Amerika.

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