MSNBC – Your New Source For Racist Innuendo!

We all know that the “birthers” are really either consciously or subconsciously saying “he’s not one of us” or “he’s exotic” or “you’re not from around here, are ya?” or fill in the blanks. Why on earth would MSNBC want to spread racist innuendo and lies by putting Donald Trump on every goddamn show they run. No challenge, no fact checking….just Donald rambling on and on with lie after lie? Why would they do that unless they want to steal some racist viewers from Fox News? Once again, here is a link to the truth about our President’s birth.

My apologies to those of you who subscribe and are getting all these notices in your email about these short posts. In the words of Barney Fife “how do you fight fire? With fire, of course!” I decided that I’m going to use my humble little blog (but growing very quickly) as a platform to beat back the noise machine and the misinformation that permeates cable news. A side note, one of the first videos I ever produced after graduating from film school had Don Knotts in it, he gave us a couple of short sound bites for a United Way campaign video. One of the coolest experiences of my life.


10 thoughts on “MSNBC – Your New Source For Racist Innuendo!

  1. You confirm what I already know. The damocraps will eat their own if you diagram with them and present facts. I am a firm believer that the difference between a Democrat politician and a Republican politician is the Democrat has better lies and eats their young to gain a vote.

    There are two reasons that Obama, AKA num nuts, was elected.

    Sarah Palin

    Main Stream Media which includes MSNBC. If there was non-biased reporting they would have made an issue of num-nuts having no experience, a shady background and a crook for a wife.

  2. I must admit, that as a TROLL, Atlanta Ralph, you are growing in stature. Your babble is beyond wasting a person’s time to rebut.

  3. Well, ExtremeLiberal..I read your blog a lot(when I want to feel better about all the liars(left and right)..because here you are exposing them again. I don’t comment much..

    However I want to let you know that I’ve linked this info on Trump/Balloon Boy on Democrats For Progress with the pics(a site you might like ’cause everyone likes you.)

    And, we agree..Steve Benen is the best blogger on the none!

    Thank you for your non tunnel vision and huge doses of reality.

  4. You are welcome Cha…thanks for being a sensible person, it seems like the crazy people have had the microphones for too long. We have to take those mothers back.

  5. Dylan Ratigan said today that except for the “birther” talk, he mostly agrees with Trump, thinks he makes a whole lot of sense on foreign policy and economic matters.

  6. Because you are freaking corporate that is why MSNBC. Plus you do not challenge or debunk anything. Your butt got busted and back tracking.

  7. I never did consider MSNBC/NBC to be “liberal” just by looking at their owner…General Electric, one of the giants of the military/industrial complex. It is even worse now with right-wing Comcast having bought up a majority in the networks.

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