MSNBC – The Birther Network!

Here is a link to the truth, if you are interested.


One thought on “MSNBC – The Birther Network!

  1. Not only has MSNBC let The Donald spew his hateful and racist lies to its viewers, Meredith Viera on NBC’s “The Today Show” (which reaches many millions more) didn’t even challenge TRUMP for telling LIES this morning! She is leaving that show this year…GOOD RIDDANCE, but I don’t expect her replacement to be any better.

    Now MSNBC, EVERY HOUR today, is replaying snippets of Trump’s LIES, over-and-over. Who says NBC/MSNBC present real journalism and are even LIBERAL? (they now have more RIECH-wing owners than General Electric) We have little real journalism in Amerika anymore. No wonder the REICH-wing wants to shut down public broadcasting like PBS by defunding them.

    The megalomaniacal TRUMP can spew on Fox to their couple of million, delusioned, knuckle-dragging audience, but sad that the major networks are afraid to question Trump’s LIES.

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