Donald Trump Is The New Balloon Boy – Cable Networks Are Falling For His Scam And Promoting His Brand For Free!

I was watching Morning Joe this morning because Scarborough wasn’t there and the right-winger Chris Licht (producer of Morning Joe), who is in love with Paul Ryan according to Joe Scarborough, let Donald Trump use MSNBC air time to promote his completely bogus story with no challenge AT ALL from the giggling guests on the panel. They were more interested in joking around with Trump between his rambling diatribes that had absolutely no basis in fact. To me, it was like watching the balloon boy floating across the sky….remember when the cable news networks wasted everyone’s time with that bogus story?

Why would MSNBC let Donald Trump use their network to promote his brand, whether as a reality side-show or a potential side-show presidential candidate? Hmmmm….is Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Doh! In case NBC and MSNBC doesn’t know how to use Google and find it for themselves, here is the evidence of President Obama’s actual live birth in Hawaii courtesy of…

On the birth announcements, I’ve heard many people spin the conspiracy theory that somehow President Obama’s parents sent a notice from Kenya to the Hawaii newspapers as part of their big master plan to make their newborn baby an American citizen. Well, since his mother was born and raised in Kansas, he is an American citizen even if he were born in Kenya. The difference is being a “natural born citizen”, which makes the conspiracy even crazier. I saw a guy on television the other day, I think he was from, but he said that the newspaper announcements printed in the newspaper were sent in by the hospitals, not the parents. The hospitals send over the list of all the births for that week, it isn’t the parents who send them in at all. I’m still looking for more evidence of this, but that is the way my local newspaper has done it for decades.


Updated: Steve Benen, the best blogger on the internet, has a post on this. Check it out!

Update II: (I feel like Glenn Greenwald for some reason) See photo of Donald above…via White Noise Insanity, go read her post.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is The New Balloon Boy – Cable Networks Are Falling For His Scam And Promoting His Brand For Free!

  1. I had a quick debate with a birther on a gaming site last year, I was like are you telling me that Barack Obama’s mother had knowledge before hand that her newly born bi-racial son will one day run for president so she had her parents put a birth announcement in newspapers in Hawaii so he would meet the national born citizen requirements to run for president?

    I do wish MSNBC cut out those prison docs and those mystery reruns they run all day during the weekend.

  2. I don’t even talk to people like this and refuse to go to MSNBC much anymore. Even Rachel Maddow who I like I feel is trying to subtly make people turn against the democrats so I’ve decided to stop watching her from this day forward. For example she was ranting about how the democrats aren’t doing enough, etc. stating that she wasn’t going to stop till they fought. It was all complaining no real solutions.

    I like her show but I’m pretty much done with her and the entire MSNBC network. In fact the entire media sucks so I think I’ll stop going on channels to listen to propaganda.

  3. MSNBC has been running Donald Trump over-and-over today, ad nauseum, but then he has a hit show on NBC! Even Fox isn’t running his lies as often, but then their viewers are already “birther” believers in large part.

    Instead, Fox, today, is running wild with John Fund (of Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal) who is ranting about alleged Democratic party voter fraud in Wisconsin! From a REICH-wing blogsite:

  4. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, although claiming to not be a birther, however has repeatedly talked about it being “strange” that the Honolulu papers announced births. (Yeah, still put a little doubt out there, Chris!) You see, the Philly papers never mentioned Matthew’s birth!!! Too many talking heads are from big cities where newspaper space is expensive and have no idea that MANY newspapers in smaller cities and towns all over our nation DO print both a daily or weekly birth and death list. My own birth was announced in two newspapers, in Indiana. My hometown newspaper STILL publishes a hospital report that even includes all admissions and releases since it is a PUBLIC-owned county hospital. You see, in small towns, people appreciate such news and still send “get well” cards, flowers, and even make visits!

  5. I know, I saw clips from the Today show interview on Chris Jansings show and Chuck and Savannah’s show too. I sent a complaint to MSNBC about it.

  6. I think I’m going to keep hammering MSNBC for what little good it will do. I know my blog reaches some eyes that are important, maybe it will help.

  7. Dylan Ratigan had only Tea Party spokesmouths and clips of Speaker Boehner on the first 15 minutes of his show, today, even saying he supports some of what the Tea Party advocates.

    Of course we all want to cut out government WASTE, and a leaner, cleaner process, there’s no debate there. But down deep, the Tea Party fanatics are clearly fascist racists, corporatists, theocratic cultural revolutionaries. Ratigan has already stated ON-AIR that he is a conservative.

    So with Scarborough kicking off the day, and Pat Buchanan seemingly on air all day, who says that MSNBC is “liberal”? Seems the reich spokespersons often have has as much air time on MSNBC as on Fox…maybe not in actual live interviews, but with video clip after video clip.

  8. Donald Trump will never run for president, but only loving all of the publicity. First of all, he would have to disclose his financial records where there are probably many skeletons in his closets since he has been involved in so many bankruptcies. Then there are the extra-marital affairs, and three marriages. Plus he would have to put his investments into a blind trust and work for only a half million dollar a year salary.

  9. I’m watching the “Last Word” and the things Donald Trump is bitching about were things he stayed quite during the Busn era.

    If Donald Trump runs for president can we insist to look at his business records?

  10. Verrrry interesting….a county clerk in Waukesha, Wisconsin, known as a Republican stronghold, said poll workers there had just found 7,582 votes uncounted votes for the Republican Prosser, over twice as many votes now in that county than those received for the Democratic challenger, Kloppenburg, whose votes evidently were counted. Somehow someone “forgot” to count the Republican’s votes. Kloppenburg had already declared victory but a recount was in order because of the slim victory.

  11. Trump has become an on-air ‘baffoon’who will stoop to low level tactics just to get himsrlf noticed. His ego is huge but his manhoodliness is small and pompous like most ‘birthers’.

  12. Cathleen Falsani writes that among Christians, she doesn’t think “Trump has a prayer”. Remember Exodus 20:3 states, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” And Trump believes he is a god!!!

    For the majority of American’s, Trump is far better known for his undying devotion to mammon than his love for God. Yet Trump, twice-divorced with a very public history of philandering and questionable ethics, is not just a wealthy man. He is the poster child for conspicuous consumption and delusions of grandeur.

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