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The Last Word – Senator Patty Murray on Planned Parenthood

This is a must watch clip….click!

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The Last Word – Senator Patty Murray on Planned…, posted with vodpod

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MSNBC – Your New Source For Racist Innuendo!

We all know that the “birthers” are really either consciously or subconsciously saying “he’s not one of us” or “he’s exotic” or “you’re not from around here, are ya?” or fill in the blanks. Why on earth would MSNBC want to spread racist innuendo and lies by putting Donald Trump on every goddamn show they run. No challenge, no fact checking….just Donald rambling on and on with lie after lie? Why would they do that unless they want to steal some racist viewers from Fox News? Once again, here is a link to the truth about our President’s birth.

My apologies to those of you who subscribe and are getting all these notices in your email about these short posts. In the words of Barney Fife “how do you fight fire? With fire, of course!” I decided that I’m going to use my humble little blog (but growing very quickly) as a platform to beat back the noise machine and the misinformation that permeates cable news. A side note, one of the first videos I ever produced after graduating from film school had Don Knotts in it, he gave us a couple of short sound bites for a United Way campaign video. One of the coolest experiences of my life.

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MSNBC – The Other Fox News!

I’m feeling inspired. I hope that Google picks up all these new slogans, maybe they will be shamed into actually doing a little journalism and presenting facts in the face of innuendo and outright lies.

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MSNBC – The Birther Network!

Here is a link to the truth, if you are interested.

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MSNBC – Pimping Lies To Increase Ratings!

Here is a link to the truth about President Obama’s birth certificate. Please throw it in the faces of the racist birthers.

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MSNBC – Your Source For All Things Birther

I think Donald Trump is making appearances throughout the day on MSNBC so they can pimp his lies and increase his ratings on NBC.

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MSNBC’s New Slogan “Lean Forward – So You Don’t Smell The Stench”!

coming from your television. I have more….

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Donald Trump Is The New Balloon Boy – Cable Networks Are Falling For His Scam And Promoting His Brand For Free!

I was watching Morning Joe this morning because Scarborough wasn’t there and the right-winger Chris Licht (producer of Morning Joe), who is in love with Paul Ryan according to Joe Scarborough, let Donald Trump use MSNBC air time to promote his completely bogus story with no challenge AT ALL from the giggling guests on the panel. They were more interested in joking around with Trump between his rambling diatribes that had absolutely no basis in fact. To me, it was like watching the balloon boy floating across the sky….remember when the cable news networks wasted everyone’s time with that bogus story?

Why would MSNBC let Donald Trump use their network to promote his brand, whether as a reality side-show or a potential side-show presidential candidate? Hmmmm….is Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Doh! In case NBC and MSNBC doesn’t know how to use Google and find it for themselves, here is the evidence of President Obama’s actual live birth in Hawaii courtesy of Factcheck.org…

On the birth announcements, I’ve heard many people spin the conspiracy theory that somehow President Obama’s parents sent a notice from Kenya to the Hawaii newspapers as part of their big master plan to make their newborn baby an American citizen. Well, since his mother was born and raised in Kansas, he is an American citizen even if he were born in Kenya. The difference is being a “natural born citizen”, which makes the conspiracy even crazier. I saw a guy on television the other day, I think he was from Factcheck.org, but he said that the newspaper announcements printed in the newspaper were sent in by the hospitals, not the parents. The hospitals send over the list of all the births for that week, it isn’t the parents who send them in at all. I’m still looking for more evidence of this, but that is the way my local newspaper has done it for decades.


Updated: Steve Benen, the best blogger on the internet, has a post on this. Check it out!

Update II: (I feel like Glenn Greenwald for some reason) See photo of Donald above…via White Noise Insanity, go read her post.

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