Republicans Propose Screwing Seniors, The Poor, Women, Students and Children…Who’s Left?

UPDATED below:

Rich, white, men, that’s who is left. And let me take this opportunity to thank all those people who decided that staying home last November was going to send some message and make things so much better…you know, because sending those “messages” by staying home on your lazy, uncaring, selfish ass will do soooo much to help the people above.

Washington is consumed with budgets, current budgets, future budgets and phantom budgets that only exist in some people’s minds. Paul Ryan announced his budget proposal and you have to give him credit for being so brazen about screwing over seniors, the poor, women, children and students. He didn’t even try to temper it either, he basically comes right out and says it. Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly weighs in on it…(emphasis mine)

Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) unveils his plan for fiscal year 2012. He promised a truly radical approach to our entire system of government, and he wasn’t lying — Ryan’s budget is based on his radical “roadmap” and effectively rewrites the American social contract.

Medicare would be eliminated and replaced with a voucher system. Medicaid would be gutted and sent to the states as a block grant. The Affordable Care Act would be scrapped, tax rates on corporations and the wealthy would be slashed, and all told, Ryan’s plan intends to slash roughly $6 trillion from the federal budget over the next 10 years.

You get that? Corporations and the wealthy will have their taxes slashed, big piles of cash going into their pockets and coming out of yours. I can just hear the fat cats on Wall Street sitting back with a big ole’ cigars and a glass of bourbon toasting Paul Ryan, their waterboy. Paul Ryan is like the demon child of supply side economics, he believes it to his core. Facts do not interfere with his ideas, it is all faith, belief and clinging to a policy that we tried twice and are still suffering the consequences from.

Ezra Klein focuses on the proposed cuts in Medicaid. He has a chart that tells the story better than words…

From Ezra…

Ryan’s op-ed introducing his budget lists Medicaid under “welfare reform,” reflecting the widespread belief that Medicaid is a program for the poor. That belief is wrong, or at least incomplete. A full two-thirds of Medicaid’s spending goes to seniors and people with disabilities — even though seniors and the disabled are only a quarter of Medicaid’s members. Sharply cutting Medicaid means sharply cutting their benefits, as that’s where the bulk of Medicaid’s money goes. This is not just about the free health care given to some hypothetical class of undeserving and unemployed Medicaid queens.

If you are a senior (or approaching that point) or a person with a disability – REPUBLICANS HATE YOU! If you are a rich, white, male with lots of money and opportunities and sipping bourbon and smoking cigars – REPUBLICANS LOVE YOU! If you are a child, woman or student trying to figure out a way to go to college – REPUBLICANS HATE YOU! If you are a corporation making record profits and bonuses – REPUBLICANS LOVE YOU!



Look at the 10 rich, white men in this picture and tell me that they didn’t get together and say, “let’s screw everyone who isn’t like us. What do you say?”

They seem to be very pleased with themselves too. Steve Benen describes the visual very well…

Now, Jed is clearly right about the Q&A; it left a lot to be desired. But I struck by the image itself. What we saw was a House press conference held by 10 people who look remarkably similar to one another: 10 powerful, conservative, white men in dark suits, who make more money in a year than the vast majority of the American people.

And these 10 powerful, conservative, white men in dark suits all want the same thing: to approve a budget that imposes hardship on the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, and the middle class, while rewarding the wealthy and corporations with even more tax breaks.

It is, of course, the wealthy and corporations who’ll help these 10 powerful, conservative, white men in dark suits stay in power, so none of this comes as a surprise.


9 thoughts on “Republicans Propose Screwing Seniors, The Poor, Women, Students and Children…Who’s Left?

  1. With the Republicans admitting what their plans are you’ll still find “progressive” outlets still talking about not supporting Obama. It seems I’m spending more time fighting with those progressives than right wingers. I haven’t check back with “Democratic”Underground since that weekend back and forth with some firebaggers, Now I’m fighting with other firebaggers on their facebook page.

  2. And people are wondering why Obama said No to the republicans when they tried to do a stoppage bill.

  3. you’ll never convince these guys of anything. They doubtlessly wont be voting in 2012 or voting republican or independent no matter what you say. Its tiring to be frank even talking to them. I am so sick and tired of how they try to push their opinions on everyone and than bash Obamabots as they put it.

    Obamabot was something that Rush Limbaugh used and these so called progressives use that word now?

  4. Raised a Republican and a convert to the Democratic Party in my late 20’s, I’ve always been upset with the ideologues on the left who “want it all their way”…”my way or the highway”. No wonder they are losers. Not that there isn’t in-fighting in the GOP as we are seeing, but in the end the Republicans will ALL pull together and probably WIN as a result of unity.

  5. That’s the one thing I give right wingers credit despite their differences the corporate and social nut wings of the Republican party will unite to beat the Democrats. Yet we have Democrats that believe sitting at home and allowing Republicans to win elections is somehow teaching the Democrats a lesson.

    I feel like a freakin parrot when I keep repeating President Obama is only one branch of the federal government and he only can sign laws.
    If you wanted a more progressive healthcare bill and banking regulation bill the smart thing to do was keep the house Democratic and elect more progressive Democratic senators. So Democratic leadership in the senate didn’t have to cut deals with Repugs Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins or have bills held up because blue dogs dems are threating to join with the Republicans.

    And I ask this firebagger if the Republicans win next year how can he or she come back and try to claim they defend the middle class, the sick and poor when you enable their executioners?

  6. Amen, Johnny C.
    I’m beginning to think we need to make a clear break with the firebaggers. If they are allowed to represent “liberals” in the next election, we are fucked. I”m fairly confident that David Plouffe will put out the surrogates and hopefully nudge out Hamsher and Greenwald. I am going to do my part to discredit those two, but if MSNBC keeps putting them on to spew their crap, where else do we have to go to get the message out?

  7. He is truly out in left field. He wants States to manage Medicaid and wants to cut entitlements. Next thing you know he will require a drug test, no big screen TV, no internet iPhone, to pick up your welfare card.
    We need to stand against this kind of abuse because it takes power away from the federalists and into the hands of the American People. We can’t ask them to make a decision that affects their lives. It is much better to continue to print money, give it to those who don’t want to work and let out grand children deal with it, spoiled little brats anyway.

  8. Out TROLL Atlanta Ralph continues to spew his disgust for the POOR. Jeebus loves him! The money provided to non-health social services in our nation is a drop in the bucket compared to the corporate welfare our nation doles out to the military/industrial complex.

  9. Guess 2.7% of GDP is a drop in the bucket.
    Most corporations produce something, jobs, products, services. I have yet to see entitlements produce anything except non-motivated people who would rather sit than work.

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