Republicans Are Dithering On Who Will Lead The “Squirmish” With President Obama!

It cracks me up that Republicans have turned the idea of thinking things through carefully and not making rash decisions (Iraq anyone) into a bad thing. They like to call it “dithering” and on the flip side of it, they want leaders to just decide, damn it…it doesn’t matter if it’s the correct thing, just do something. Well, considering that is what they are looking for, Republican voters have to be discouraged, since the field of dithering Republican candidates just keeps growing. It’s turning into a veritable “dithering” competition.

What are they so afraid of, to hear the media and their right-wing overlords talk, beating President Obama should be a cakewalk? What this shows is the vast difference between reality and the alternate reality that the media and GOP have created. The alternate reality that they keep trying to revive whenever reality smacks them down, like the growth rate or the lowering unemployment rate, is basically a subtle and not-so-subtle appeal to racists across the country. It really doesn’t take much to keep these racists motivated, a little Kenyan mention here, a little Mau Mau revolution there, a platform for the opportunistic Trump to spread his birther crap while helping the media fulfill their racist quota for the day or how about anything spoken on Fox News within a 5 minute period of time.

I’m done beating around the bush, this country is loaded with racists. The source of much of the hatred from both sides of the aisle is racism, pure and simple. I include people on both the right, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox News (all of them), the list is incredibly long…to the people on the left, Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greenwald, Cenk Uygur, Taylor Marsh and I’m really beginning to wonder about Keith Olbermann too. Keith has said many sexist things over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also backward thinking when it comes to race too. But I’m speculating at this point.

Who will be the first Republican to really dive into the race against President Barack Obama? I’ll make my prediction, Michelle Bachmann will be the first. Make your prediction in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Republicans Are Dithering On Who Will Lead The “Squirmish” With President Obama!

  1. It will be Bachman or Palin… The other possibility is Trump but for some reason I doubt he’ll actually run. I think he’s trying to raise money for his failed businesses and running for president is a great way to make money nowadays.

    Over time I suspect that the only one who has a real chance at beating Obama, is well… ourselves. If we don’t go out and vote, bicker and get emotional if we don’t get our way, etc. In the end we’ll have only ourselves to blame.

  2. Couple of things
    1. Let’s be real here the Republicans don’t have anyone that’s worth a damn to run against President Obama that’s why they’re in the mode of waiting to see if Obama popularity drops off before announcing.

    2.I might be in the minority(no pun attended) but I don’t suspect racism is the main motivation for the pundits on the left, pissed off liberals equals views,clicks and nice tv guest spots as the anti-Obama liberal on cable news shows. Look at Cenk for example before turning firebag he was just a dude that hosted a internet radio/tv show whose videos only got play on Democratic/Firebag Underground and YouTube.

    Since adopting the meme of everything Obama does suck Cenk has gone from that anti-Obama liberal that pops up on Dylan Ratigan’s show to fill in guest hosts for when Ed, Dylan or Keith was out and now he host his own hour long show.

    And If they told people the reality that’s going on guess what? Those type of blogs will lose their click ad money, traffic would be cut in half and people would spend their time on YouTube looking up SpongeBob edit videos or guys getting hit in the nuts than anything the Young Turks put up.

  3. I agree most of it is all about ratings. They could care less how they destroy this country and I guess it comes down to ratings no matter what.

  4. I think it’s ratings, too; problem is that the daily drumbeat of Obama sucks begins to sound racist, appeals to people’s latent racism, and then becomes impossible to differentiate from KKK racism.

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