President Obama Vs. The Haters, Bring It On!

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Is there a single Republican candidate that can take on President Barack Obama? My early money is on Jon Huntsman, although the wingnuts in his party may not let him get anywhere considering he is a Mormon. If the GOP can get over that, he could be a tough challenger. Beyond him, I see Romney as another possible tough challenger, except for his Mormon “problem” too. Others say Mitch Daniels has a shot, but he has a lot of baggage he’s dragging around, being budget director for President W. and someone who helped get us into the financial mess we are in. Can Tim Pawlenty fire people up enough to win? He has overcome his mullet problem, but the photos are still out there. :)

I’m just dying to see Michelle Bachmann jump in head first, go Michelle, go. You can do it…Run Michelle, Run!


9 thoughts on “President Obama Vs. The Haters, Bring It On!

  1. Hell ya.
    How about a war against ignorant people like you.

    How about a war on lies, bring some honesty back to our discourse.

    How about a war on pettiness.

    How about a war on “infotainment”?

  2. I was forced to watch Faux “News” last month for about a week in Morocco (if I wanted U.S. news from home and not from the BBC, France 24, Russia Today, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera…BTW better real journalism than we get from U.S. MSM). My hotels were owned by the Starwood hotel group…Le Meridian, Sheraton, Westin…that didn’t even offer CNN (and one NEVER sees MSNBC in hotels/cruise ships).

    BEFORE Obama intervened in Libya, the REICH was screaming all over Faux “News” about Obama not showing leadership and would have the blood of the rebels on his hands if Gadhafi were to massacre them.

    However, as soon as Obama did join in with the UK, France, and the Arab League, they FLIP-FLOPPED and were suddenly against him (just like China and Russia). I hope Obama will realize he can never do anything to please the REICH-wing, many who deep-down hate that we elected a black president.

  3. Not just fixed news but MSNBC as well. One shining example being Chris Mathews, all saying how we need to do something, suggesting that Hillary was more decisive than Obama, etc. Once Obama does go in with Nato and UN and non-NATO support bam! Chris is all what is the mission, etc casting doubts and making it sound like Obama did something wrong.

    I’ve also seen it on other parts of the media. Either way the mission was pretty clear from the beginning and the media was too stupid to realize what the mission was. Start and maintain a no fly zone with limited ground troop involvement.

    The entire media circus has made me so sick that I won’t be watching MSNBC or any news outlet for awhile.

  4. Frank is either a right winger or a firebagger so if he’s a right winger he’s displaying the typical right wing hypocrisy. He didn’t complain when Bush lied in this country into Iraq and he probably called anti-Iraqi war critics anti-American.

    If he’s a firebagger then they will enable more wars by helping the Republicans to retake the senate and the White House by sitting out the election.

    But what pisses me off about the firebaggers they wonder why there is “Don’t Ask,Don’t tell”, they wonder why we’re fighting in Iraq and they wonder why we have a supreme court that believes corporations are people and money equals free speech.

    I can tell you firebaggers why. When you sit out elections you let people who want to take this country back to the 1950s decide the outcomes of elections.

  5. I liked that foreign media was so impartial, as REAL journalists should be. They let their guests panelists express their opinions and the network moderators were good at throwing them the needed questions to stay on topic. The French shows were the most hawkish to go after Gadhafi and the Russians mostly against intervention. Could be that France’s Total/Elf Oil Company has many operations in Libya while Russia’s Gazprom is a late-comer there. Of course Russia has plenty of oil in their domestic reserves so aren’t dependent on foreign oil.

  6. I subscribe to Truthout, Reader Supported News, Common Dreams, New Cafe (Utne), etc. and notice how often they print pundits “from the left” who sound little different from the writers at Townhall, even Free Republic. Obama is too hawkish, not “green” enough, too soft, etc. For several years I was a regular poster at AlterNet until that website drummed out us no-name “commoners” to promote BIG NAMES like Huffington, Moore, Scheer, etc.

    I think the far left is Jonesing for another Bush in 2012 so they can really get back to their favorite sport—bashing Republicans. At least the GOP, even with the teabaggers, so far is not “eating their own”! You can count for the conservatives to “circle the wagons” in 2012 and support whoever will be running.

  7. @Grant in Texas

    I gotta admit I’m one of those lefties that likes bashing Republicans but I have no intentions of aiding their conquest to retake the senate and the presidency by knee capping this president.

    And it’s a shame some progressives haven’t learn the lessons of 2000-2008. The economy was on solid footing before Bush took over and he tanked it in 13 months. And can you image what this country will look like if a Repug president along with a Repug senate takes over during a slow and fragile recovery?

  8. I forgot to add during the Bush years we saw Bush appoint two right wing corporatist justices that are young for Supreme Court standards.

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