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Movie Recommendation – Defending Your Life

If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should. It is a damn near perfect movie, Albert Brooks, Meryl Streep & Rip Torn. It looks like Youtube has the entire movie up in 13 clips that play pretty seamless. Go watch it! Here is a great clip but it does kind of reveal a lot, if you are going to watch it and I highly recommend you do, then skip the clip and go here and watch the whole thing. WARNING: There are some really funny scenes.

I’m not turning this blog into a clip site, really. Just been surfing around Youtube a lot lately and finding cool stuff.

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Musical Interlude – Rickie Lee Jones

I absolutely love Rickie Lee Jones, perhaps my favorite singer…but I hate to pick favorites. I hadn’t seen this before tonight, mmmm, me like. It seems like the only song anyone associates with Rickie Lee is Chuck E’s in Love, she has made a lot of really nice music since then.

This is from David Letterman’s show. One of my favorites, it brings back memories of a time…

Here is one for a lazy Saturday night.

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Saturday Morning Strategizing!

I usually copy and paste from Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly, but this morning I’m just sending you all over to his place to read this whole post. It’s about the shifts in demographics in the states and the effect it will have on the 2012 election. A very great analysis and insight into how tough a climb the Republicans will have, especially if the Tea Party loudmouths continue to dominate the Republican agenda. Take a read and come back here and discuss if you feel inclined. Here is a granddaughter update…she just keeps getting smarter and smarter, she’s a little bit cute too.

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