The Tea Party Is Over And Now We Have To Clean Up After Them!

I have a feeling that besides the crazy people they elected, the Tea Party is on a downward trend. The media has helped to pump up that 20% majority into a beast that has dominated news coverage. Sometimes that news coverage shows the lack of meat on the bone, to use a bad metaphor.

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7 thoughts on “The Tea Party Is Over And Now We Have To Clean Up After Them!

  1. Will miss Dylan Ratigan’s Steel on Wheels tour (he’ll probably miss his luxury bus and rock star tour status, too!). Dylan didn’t get America back to work as was his purported goal (he even casts some doubts on today’s better unemployment figures). He acted like a Sean Hannity or O’Reilly by badgering his environmentalist guest today who is against the new fervor to drill for natural gas everywhere even if 9 out of 10 wells use hydraulic fracturing processes which can lead to contamination of ground water, increase risks to air quality, cause the migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface, and create the potential mishandling of chemical wastes.

    Guess Dylan was most convinced by his guest yesterday, oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens, who didn’t spent $80 million of his own money on propaganda out of a humanitarian gesture (as he will reap billions of dollars instead from his natural gas lands).

    I was most impressed with the many windmills in Spain which produce 20% of that nation’s power, now, plus solar panels being erected, too. I paid $7 a gallon for diesel for my VW TDI rental but then got in the mid-40’s mpg, too, so really didn’t feel a pinch. And Spain was building new roads everywhere, too. Even the non-toll roads there, in Portugal, even in Morocco were most smooth with nary a pot-hole. So Europeans don’t seem to mind paying much more in fuel tax since they are reaping the benefits, including more high-speed trains. They make up for it by driving sensible smaller cars.

  2. Mitt Romney is not happy with the 8.8% unemployment now, says it should be 4.0%!!! Not ever sure the Mormon gods can help him achieve that!!! Republicans want unemployment to be HIGH, millions of Americans being miserable, so they can take back the White House. There is a reason why the GOP is pushing Union Busting, trying to lay off tens of thousands of teacher, police, firefighters, and other public sector JOBS.

  3. Texas Republican “super-majority” in Austin worked their “slash and burn” budget cuts late into the night last night. PUBLIC education will lose $8 BILLION causing thousands of school personnel/faculty to be let out of JOBS, increasing classroom sizes, etc. Also included will be cuts to student aid for our poorer college students. Also nearly a MILLION more cut from educating prisoners in our prisons meaning we will eventually release that uneducated sub-class back onto the streets!

    BUT WE CAN NEVER RAISE TAXES IN TEXAS…on the filthy rich, the oil/energy companies who have their bases of operations/headquarters here, etc.

    Four BILLION to be cut from Medicaid, drastic cuts to nursing homes causing some to have to close down. Put Grandma out in the freeway traffic!!! Talk about your “death panels”!

    Republicans led the drive to strip more than $50 million from family planning agencies like Planned Parenthood and spend it on other areas, including pregnancy crisis centers (often run by churches) that encourage “alternatives” to abortion. Such government funding, by law, cannot be used for abortions, anyway. Democrats insisted that family planning benefits women’s health and saves the state money by preventing unwanted pregnancies among poor women. Rep. Sid Miller (R-Stephenville) said, “Family planning goes to abortion providers, so that’s what it was about.” IOW, let’s slowly eat away at a woman’s right to her body and in essence destroy Roe v. Wade, negating that Supreme Court ruling.

    Thanks to the Tea Party, our nation may reach fascist goals sooner than planned!

  4. I take it your from Texas? Have you considered moving? I’m just curious but if I was living in Texas I’d be out so quick! I mean it too.

  5. I have lived in Texas since 1965 (moving here from Chicago) and have no desire to live anywhere else. My brother, sister, and their dozens of offspring now live in Texas making it where my family all now live.

    Lived in “liberal” California for six years and was fired from middle management from two different construction companies there when I was outed by co-workers (who then played politics and took my positions).

    Texas suffers from too many false stereotypes. I can be “out” in Texas and have been for 51 years now. Texas has many liberals, the major cities have long elected Democratic administrations including our lesbian Mayor Anise Parker here in Houston. Problem is redistricting/gerrymandering gives an edge to the rural conservative areas. Dallas County (which includes many white suburbs, re-elected Lupe Valdez, a Latina lesbian for a second term. Until this year, the state House was 76-74 Republican/Democrat, but the Tea Party swept in 99 Republicans, and two Dems switched parties giving them a 101-49 “Super-majority” which can override any veto from Perry. They will also “redistrict the state” which will gain 4 more Congresscritters from 32 to 36. Most of the growth here was among Hispanics but not holding my breath that they will be given a fair shake.

    Too many complacent Democrats did NOT vote last November as also happened in Maine, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and now we all suffer. We haven’t had a Democratic governor since Ann Richards who was a victim of a smear campaign by Karl Rove who whispered she was a lesbian, sweeping George W. Bush into office. Gov. Perry was his Lt. Governor and inherited his office from his mentor, Bush.

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