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Reagan Said “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!”

I never thought I’d miss President Reagan. Compared to current Republicans, he was a moderate. But I’m not telling you all anything you don’t already know. Enjoy this blast from the past where Ronnie shows his support for unions as an American institution. It should be pumped from loud speakers at these rallies, over and over and over. We should stand in front of Republican legislatures homes with giant boom boxes blaring out this Ronald Reagan clip.

Huge Hat Tip to Joshua Green at The Atlantic.

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Anthony Weiner Takes On Two Of The Village Idiots!

The Youtube heading for this is just hillarious…a Fox fan’s bizarro world, for sure. “Michele Bachmann Absolutely Schools Far Left Lib Anthony Weiner on Hannity” And her best put down…”I didn’t know Anthony was such a reader of fiction.” Oooooo, good one, Michelle. That will show him. :) Warning, lots of talking over each other and I do think that Congressman Weiner’s hands were tied behind his back, from what I can tell.

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Republicans Can’t Help It – They Have Simple Minds, Don’t Confuse Them!

Republicans have gone completely over the edge and are now being run by, and supported by, the simpletons of our country. It was a rather fast transition since 2008. Oh sure, it started with “Bush The Village Idiot” being appointed by the Supreme Court, but at least he kept around a few thinkers in the administration…Dr. Evil types for sure…but at least they made an attempt to square things with logic. Not anymore people, we are living in the land of loony Republicans these days and any reasonable Republicans are quickly being pushed out.

So the latest simple-minded idea they are pushing (mostly Fox News) is that the President can only work on one issue at a time and must never have any downtime, fun, vacations or heaven forbid, try to handle more than one issue at time. Come on, how do people do that anyway? The new Republicans can barely string together a proper sentence, you can’t really expect them to accept that a person can have more than one thought in their head at a time. Thus the latest outcry from the right, covered by Media Matters. I’m not even going to bother repeating their bullshit, go read some of it at the MM link if you want. The most bizarre one to me is how we shouldn’t be celebrating Woman’s History Month, which totally fits with their hatred of women, no surprise there, really. But here is what a real president with a brain does to earn his money as President…


Politico: “Obama Has Been Immersed In Back-To-Back Meetings All Week On The Emerging Crises.”Politico reported on March 16:

Obama: Gadhafi “Has Lost The Legitimacy To Lead And He Must Leave.” In a statement prior to a March 3 press conference, Obama condemned Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and stated that Gadhafi “has lost the legitimacy to lead and he must leave.”

Obama Outlined U.S. Humanitarian Response To Crisis In Libya. Also during his March 3 press conference, Obama outlined the administration’s response to the “urgent humanitarian needs that are developing.”

Obama Ordered Economic Sanctions Against Libya, Including Freeze Of Gadhafi’s Assets. As McClatchy reported on February 25, Obama “ordered that all the assets of dictator Moammar Gadhafi, his children and their wives be frozen in the United States, or in branches of U.S. banks.”

Obama Administration Working With U.N., NATO To “Increase Pressure On Gaddafi.” According to a White House summary of a March 15 national security meeting on Libya, Obama “instructed his team to continue to fully engage in the discussions at the United Nations, NATO and with partners and organizations in the region.”


Obama Briefs Nation On Japan In Press Conference. During a March 11 press conference, President Obama’s opening remarks addressed the situation in Japan as well as the intent by American forces to offer aid to those affected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

Obama To Meet With USAID Director To Discuss Global Humanitarian Aid.Politico reported on March 16 that Obama was scheduled to meet with USAID administrator Rah Shah to “discuss humanitarian help around the globe,” including for Japan and the Middle East.

US Navy Has 8 Ships Near Japan, Five More En Route. According to a March 14 Yahoo news article, eight ships, including the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan were assisting with rescue and recovery operations in Japan. Additionally, five others have been deployed according to the Pentagon.

White House Releases “Overview Of United States’ Response In Support Of Our Friends In Japan.” A March 13 post to the White House blog contained a list of ongoing efforts by the White House to provide aid to Japan in the wake of the earthquakes and tsunami.

Obama Uses March Madness To Urge Fans To Donate To Japan. A March 16 Bloomberg article stated:

Obama Assures Americans Japan Radiation Will Not Reach Us. During an appearance on a Pittsburgh news program, President Obama assured audiences that nuclear release from Japan will dissipate by the time it gets to Hawaii, much less the continental United States.  Additionally, the president stated that the United States is providing Japan with “all the support we can,” and stated that he was “deeply worried about radiation effects in Japan.”

Obama’s Day For March 16: Aid Abroad. In a March 16 USA Today rundown of the president’s schedule for the day, nearly all of his appointments and engagements had to do with foreign aid and relief, including tasks involving Libya, Mexico, Japan, Bahrain, Haiti, Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I’m sure that list must make Republican heads spin, how can he possibly do all that stuff. And believe me, that isn’t all the man has had on his plate lately. I guess we need to be more understanding about how much Republican brains are able to process at one time. We should cut them some slack, because apparently they are overwhelmed with everything and are having troubles dealing with everything that is happening in our world.

I am very thankful that we have President Obama and his administration steering the ship right now. He is doing an amazing job navigating all the treacherous waters that are pounding the ship both domestically and internationally. Any one of these latest disasters would be enough for a President to handle, but President Obama has been handed many problems. And of course, he has an opposition party made up of idiots who are trying to prevent the economy from coming back and trying to stop the creation of jobs in our country. And you know why, right. So they can get even more power and basically privatize our country into the United Corporations of America. The village idiots are cheering them on, yeeeee hawwww, giddyup.

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Michigan Protest Photos – Beautiful, Caring People!

It was so awesome to be amongst the thousands of protesters in Lansing today. I have to say with all sincerity, liberals and progressives are the kind people in our country. I’m not saying there aren’t any kind Republicans…misguided as they may be, but whenever I get a chance to hang with fellow democrats and independents at these sort of events, I’m always blown away at how polite and nice people are. They are genuinely concerned for their fellow humans and I didn’t experience a single rude person.  Whatever the case, progressives and liberals are great people. Here are a couple of photos from the event, if I get ambitious later, after work, I’ll put up a clip or two. Peace, Love and Understanding…

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Michigan Is Taking A Stand – Protests In Lansing Today (March 16) At Noon!

Be there if you can, Michiganders. We have to show the vile Republicans in Lansing that we are going to be all over them like “spider monkeys”…(Talladega Nights reference).

UPDATE:   If I had time, this is the sign I would make. H/T to my boss.

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Meet Michigan’s New Dictator – Rick Snyder!

I’ve posted about this before and I don’t think I’m going to stop until the entire country knows what is going on in the State of Michigan. Our newly elected governor Rick Snyder is proposing – and more than likely will get his way – to pass some of the most anti-democratic legislation that has ever been seen. No hyperbole here, either. This is scary shit that even Republicans should be concerned about. Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly did an excellent post explaining what is going on in my state…(emphasis is mine)

Recent developments in Michigan and its new Republican administration are so astounding, I literally didn’t believe the reports when they first came out. And yet, shocking though they may be, those reports are true and represent a genuine assault on a credible system of government.

Newly elected Republican governor, Rick Snyder, is set to pass one of the most sweeping, anti-democratic pieces of legislation in the country — and almost no one is talking about it.

Snyder’s law gives the state government the power not only to break up unions, but to dissolve entire local governments and place appointed “Emergency Managers” in their stead. But that’s not all — whole cities could be eliminated if Emergency Managers and the governor choose to do so. And Snyder can fire elected officials unilaterally, without any input from voters. It doesn’t get much more anti-Democratic than that.

Except it does. The governor simply has to declare a financial emergency to invoke these powers — or he can hire a private company to declare financial emergency and take over oversight of the city. That’s right, a private corporation can declare your city in a state of financial emergency and send in its Emergency Manager, fire your elected officials, and reap the benefits of the ensuing state contracts.

You might be thinking, “C’mon, that can’t be right.” I’m afraid it is. Michigan’s new Republican governor is cutting funding to municipalities, and if they struggle financially as a consequence, he will have the power to simply take over those municipalities if he believes he should.

And once Snyder does take over these local governments, by virtue of his own whims, he can impose a local dictator — called an “Emergency Manager” — who will have the authority to undo collective bargaining agreements, scrap contracts, and even undo the results of elections.

And if that weren’t quite enough, the local dictator, at the behest of the new Republican governor or a designated corporate ally, can even “disincorporate or dissolve” an entire municipal government — effectively making a local government disappear — without any input from the public whatsoever.

I’m completely serious.

And by the way, the Tea Party crowd — those folks who worry about excessive government overreach and power-grabs — thinks all of this is just great.

One of the Republican state lawmakers who supports this effort characterized the plan as “financial martial law” — and as far as he’s concerned, that’s not a criticism, that’s a defense for this little scheme.

I’m storming the capitol tomorrow (Wednesday March 16) in Lansing along with a lot of other folks. We are not going to stand for it and every person who values democracy should be standing right next to us.

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Republican Spending Cuts Show Their Hatred For Women, Children And The Poor!

The Raw Story has this post up detailing 10 of the most shocking spending cuts being proposed by the Republicans. Just a reminder that they couldn’t bring themselves to cut $53 billion in subsidies to Big Oil, but they found it in their black hearts to cut the following. From The Raw Story…(truncated list)

Though the Democratic-led Senate rejected the proposal, here are some of the most shocking programs Republicans voted to slash.

1) The National Weather Service ($126 million)

The bill stripped $126 million from the Natural Weather Service, the agency within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tasked with preparing us for natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, blizzards, floods and fires.

2) Emergency Oil Reserves ($120.2 million)

The GOP budget plan slashed $120.2 million from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a critical source of emergency oil supplies in case flow is interrupted.

3) Assistance For Firefighters ($510 million)

$510 million was axed from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s grants for firefighters, part of a broader $1.5 billion cut to various FEMA programs.

4) Communication Among Emergency Responders ($70 million)

5) Oversight Of Financial Markets ($56.8 billion, is that right, billion?)

6) Prosecution Of Financial Crimes ($2.1 million)

7) Helping Women Escape Domestic Abuse ($70 million)

(Eight) 8) Helping Teens Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy ($110 million)

9) Helping Young People Get Jobs ($300 million)

10) Helping International Children Survive Into Adulthood ($783.5 million)

You can see the priorities of the Republican party by looking at that list, which is just some of the raping they did to America and its people. A very slight increase in the tax rate for the top 5% of the richest people in our country would take care of all of that spending and they wouldn’t suffer one bit. So Republicans choose to hurt millions of people with their draconian cuts but won’t ask the richest people in the country to give just a sliver of their wealth to help stabilize our economy and get people back to work. Republicans are nasty people

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Michigan’s Trojan Horse Governor Raises Taxes On Seniors and The Poor While Cutting Corporate Taxes By 86%!

In my State of Michigan, we (not me) elected a guy named Rick Snyder as governor last November. He ran as a “tough nerd” with almost all of his advertising throughout the campaign having that theme, a folksy, nerdy guy…he featured his daughter prominently in his ads talking about her daddy and how nice and nerdy he is. It was all warm and fuzzy, painting him as a common sense moderate. The mask has come off the nerd, he is pure evil, through and through.

He surely will never be re-elected, he pulled the old bait and switch on the moderates and independents in this state and may actually be recalled if he continues on the path he has started down. It’s one thing to be conservative, it’s quite another to show such disregard for the struggling people in your state while giving tax cuts to corporations that have mostly been sending jobs overseas, which Snyder has a lot of experience at as the head of Gateway.

Think Progress has a great post up with details on how this evil nerd has begun destroying our state with his idiotic Republican ideas. From Think Progress…

Following suit, Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) has proposed ending his state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, cutting a $600 per child tax credit, and reducing credits for seniors, while also cutting funding for school districts by eight to ten percent. At the same time, as the Michigan League for Human Services found, the state’s business taxes would be reduced by nearly $2 billion, or 86 percent, under Snyder’s plan:

Business taxes would be cut by 86 percent from an estimated $2.1 billion in FY 2011 to $292.7 million in FY 2013, the first full year of the proposed tax changes…Taxes on individuals from the state income tax would rise by $1.7 billion or nearly 31 percent, from an estimated $5.75 billion in FY 2011 to $7.5 billion in FY 2013, the first full year of the tax changes.

Michigan already has a regressive tax system, which Snyder’s proposal will only make worse. Currently, someone in the poorest 20 percent of Michigan taxpayers pays a tax rate of 8.9 percent, while someone in the richest one percent pays 5.3 percent.

In addition to trying to make an unfair tax system even more problematic for Michigan’s low-income residents, Snyder has also asked that the state be given the power to dismiss local government and appoint emergency “town managers” who could break contracts and “strip powers from elected officials.”

Kudos to Think Progress for the great information and many thanks to Rachel Maddow and her staff for shining a light on Michigan’s evil governor. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And the reason I keep calling him evil is because I can’t think of any word that is more descriptive, that IS the word to describe him and his actions. Others that come close, deceitful, sadistic, uncaring, blind, stupid, crazy…etc. etc. etc.

UPDATE: Thanks to Nicole at Political Ruminations for keeping up with the scheduled protests in Michigan.

1. Pro-Union Protests – Monday, March 14, 2011 10:00 am – till… ?? Saginaw, Michigan

2. AARP RALLY – Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Lansing, Michigan at Michigan Capitol building, on the east steps, at the corner of Michigan Ave. & Capitol Ave.

3. WORKING FAMILIES PROTEST – Wednesday, March 16  12:00pm – 6:00pm Lansing, MI, at Michigan’s Capitol building – MICHAEL MOORE WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE! Go here to read Michael’s Letter to the people of Michigan.

UPDATE 2: Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly has a great post up on this subject, check it out if you haven’t already.

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Raise Taxes On Millionaires – 81% Of Americans Support It, That’s 81%!

With those kind of poll numbers, you have to wonder why all the politicians aren’t jumping on this bandwagon, don’t you? We liberals have to keep pounding this message home, continuous, relentless…kind of like what Republicans do with their messages. When poll questions that get to this info are actually asked, people tell it like it is, but how often are these sorts of questions actually asked? The media has no desire to help in the venture of informing the American people about the gulf between the rich and the poor. One example that blows me away is within a two week period, Republicans fought off an effort to take away $53 billion in subsidies to oil companies who made RECORD profits last year, RECORD profits. During the same period of time they chose to cut funding for NPR, Planned Parenthood, WIC and all sorts of other small programs that benefit the most needy in our great country.

The third richest man on the planet, according to Forbes, is Warren Buffett and here is what he has to say about raising taxes on rich people. I tend to take his word on it rather than someone like Eric Cantor or John Boehner.

And of course the only Senator with balls enough to actually talk about it, Bernie Sanders, has put forth a bill to do just that. Senators are lining up to co-sponsor it…cough, spit.

We in the liberal blogosphere must push hard, we must help educate the American people to the staggering shift in wealth from the poor and middle class to the richest of the rich. I will keep pounding it home and I encourage you all to do the same.

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One More Example Of Beltway Stupidity – Jon Huntsman And The Kiss Of Death!

Sometimes it just cracks me up how insular the DC media is and how much they can twist things based on their everything-is-related-to-the-next-election mentality. This example includes that, coupled with hatred for Obama (irrational) and presumptions about potential candidates and goes even further to imply that the whole twisted mess is President Obama’s fault. It’s a perfect example of the beltway media creating their own reality and running with it.

President Obama praised Jon Huntsman’s service to the country as ambassador to China upon his leaving and called him an “outstanding advocate for this administration and this country.” Those words on the face seem like a great endorsement for the man, it makes me like him for sure. Which is the problem according to the beltway press, if he is praiseworthy to the liberals, he must be horrible scum to the right-wing, right? By all accounts, Jon Huntsman has a lot of the qualities that make for a good candidate, lots of experience domestically and internationally, he’s handsome and he has money. But of course, he doesn’t quite fit the mold that the tea party republicans have recently modified. From Politico…

Yet Huntsman also has a history of taking moderate positions on the environment, immigration and gay rights. He’s publicly dismissed the importance of Republicans on Capitol Hill. And the Mormon faith he shares with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney could hamper Huntsman with religious conservatives, much as it did Romney in 2008.

So he already has those strikes against him, and now to have the President of the United States praise you for your service, man, that has to hurt. :) Mark Halperin and a bunch of others call it “The Death Hug.” Ben Smith at Politico points out the one word that maybe put it over the line “If you’re looking for elements of the sabotage-the-moderates strategy, Obama probably didn’t have to use the word “administration.”

Now here is where it starts to get crazy in my opinion. So, because the president chose to praise him in his service, it must have been to throw red meat to the wingnuts and from the looks of it, that is exactly what the president and his people did. To me, that is the funny part of the whole thing. It shows me that the Obama administration is well aware of the hatred for him out in the country with some folks and the divisions within the Republican party that can be exploited. But is that hatred Obama’s fault, from Jonathon Chait’s piece…

But what happens the next time Obama wants a talented Republican like Hunstman to serve in his administration? Does he really want that Republican to contend not only with being attacked by fellow partisans in his next race, but knowing that Obama will be collaborating in the attack? if there is a calculation here, it seems like an awfully short-sighted one.

So the president’s “calculation” of praising a former employee profusely and how a bunch of wingnuts react to it – is somehow short-sighted, because I guess the next time he tries to get a Republican to join his administration, cough, spit, he will have trouble. Hmmmm, because there are sooooo many Republicans out there just dying to be in Obama’s administration. So according to Chait, that miscalculation that might prevent a Republican from joining his administration is sooooo much more important than who the president faces in the next election. Really, Jonathon? The chance that the President of the United States might praise you is enough to keep a Republican from serving a democratic administration, heaven forbid.

The Hunstman team’s response was pretty funny too…

“The president is clearly trying to meddle in the GOP primary because he wants to face the weakest possible opponent,” said a strategist who would be involved in a potential Huntsman campaign. “Trying to kill Huntsman with kindness this stage benefits him. It elevates him and plays right into the electability argument. Plus voters are smart enough to see through this type of tactic.”

So to team Huntsman, there really are not wingnuts in their party, they will see through this type of tactic. So what is all the fuss about?

Lastly, mistermix over at Balloon Juice sums it up better than I can, check it…

This pearl clutching was sparked by Mark Halperin, who thinks that the Obama Administration is exerting a “death hug” by saying that Huntsman was an excellent ambassador to China.

Perhaps Obama is being clever, or perhaps Jon Huntsman was just a good ambassador to China. But even if Obama is playing 11 dimensional chess, why is it his fault that the rump of the Republican party is so nuts that a little well-deserved praise from Obama disqualifies Huntsman as a 2012 contender? I expect that kind of stupidity from Halperin, but Chait should know better than to blame Obama for the insanity of the far right.

The only “collaboration” I see here is Chait’s, because he’s embracing a stupid beltway double-bind that makes as much sense as any other blame-the-victim logic: “Mommy should have realized that Daddy had too much to drink, so it’s her fault that Daddy punched her in the face.”

If the Republican party rejects talented moderates for doing something as uncontroversial as serving as an ambassador, then let that party pay the price by running unelectable clowns like Palin and Huckabee. And don’t concern troll us by calling it “short sighted” for Obama to execute a strategy that will almost guarantee his election in 2012.

(“Scrotum” is the right word, by the way. It’s an insult to a tough, resilient organ like the vagina to compare it to the average New Republic writer.)

I guess with the Tea Party wing of the Republican party playing with the big kids these days, we have to start thinking in “11 dimensional chess” ways these days with the village idiots in the game. Yeee haw!

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Uh, We Told You So – How Do You Feel About Nuclear Power Now?

I’ve never liked the idea of nuclear power, from the time I was in grade school. I remember arguing with people and even protesting against all things nuclear – weapons and power. Over the years, I’ve just accepted it…we didn’t win that fight. But we are able to now, very painfully and with no joy say, “WE TOLD YOU SO.”

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Friday Night Funnies – George Carlin Wasn’t An Environmentalist!

I have to admit that the first time I heard this rant, I thought it was pretty wild. I thought of it tonight as I was thinking about the incredible power of earthquakes and tsunamis and how we mere humans are defenseless in a lot of natural disasters.

I certainly don’t agree with George on all or maybe most of what he says, but he sure presents his case well. He was one of my favorite comedians growing up. I’m sure this will provoke a discussion or two. Have a great weekend, I’m sure I’ll do some posting this weekend, especially if I procrastinate on the other things I should be doing.

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The Republicans Are Selling Our Country To Their Corporate Friends!

I’m not even being hyperbolic here, either. They really aren’t trying to hide it very much either, it’s all right out in the open. And apparently they’ve brainwashed their followers enough that they don’t even know what is happening to them. One day they will wake up screaming when they realize that they screwed themselves by supporting those assholes….or not. Democracy Now has a great interview with Naomi Klein, you may have seen her in a Rachel Maddow clip I posted the other day. I think I’m going to have to buy her book “The Shock Doctrine” and give it a read. From her interview with Democracy Now on my great state of Michigan…(emphasis is mine)

AMY GOODMAN: Well, let me ask you about Michigan.


AMY GOODMAN: And then we’re going to go to a break.


AMY GOODMAN: About a thousand people rallied in Michigan—


AMY GOODMAN:—reminiscent of Wisconsin. Talk about the proposal there.

NAOMI KLEIN: Well, I just found out about this last night, and like I said, there’s so much going on that these extraordinary measures are just getting lost in the shuffle. But in Michigan, there is a bill that’s already passed the House. It’s on the verge of passing the Senate. And I’ll just read you some excerpts from it. It says that in the case of an economic crisis, that the governor has the authority to authorize the emergency manager—this is somebody who would be appointed—to reject, modify or terminate the terms of an existing contract or collective bargaining agreement, authorize the emergency manager for a municipal government—OK, so we’re not—we’re talking about towns, municipalities across the state—to disincorporate. So, an appointed official with the ability to dissolve an elected body, when they want to.

AMY GOODMAN: A municipal government.

NAOMI KLEIN: A municipal government. And it says specifically, “or dissolve the municipal government.” So we’ve seen this happening with school boards, saying, “OK, this is a failing school board. We’re taking over. We’re dissolving it. We’re canceling the contracts.” You know, what this reminds me of is New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, when the teachers were fired en masse and then it became a laboratory for charter schools. You know, people in New Orleans—and you know this, Amy—warned us. They said, “What’s happening to us is going to happen to you.” And I included in the book a quote saying, “Every city has their Lower Ninth Ward.” And what we’re seeing with the pretext of the flood is going to be used with the pretext of an economic crisis. And this is precisely what’s happening. So it starts with the school boards, and then it’s whole towns, whole cities, that could be subject to just being dissolved because there’s an economic crisis breaking collective bargaining agreements. It also specifies that—this bill specifies that an emergency manager can be an individual or a firm. Or a firm. So, the person who would be put in charge of this so-called failing town or municipality could actually be a corporation.

AMY GOODMAN: Whose government they dissolve, a company takes over.

NAOMI KLEIN: A company takes over. So, they have created, if this passes, the possibility for privatization of a whole town by fiat. And this is actually a trend in the contracting out of public services, where you do now have whole towns, like Sandy Springs in Georgia, run by private companies. It’s very lucrative. Why not? You start with just the water contract or the electricity contract, but eventually, why not privatize the whole town? So—

AMY GOODMAN: And what happens then? Where does democracy fit into that picture?

NAOMI KLEIN: Well, this is an assault on democracy. It’s a frontal assault on democracy. It’s a kind of a corporate coup d’état at the municipal level.

We are fired up in Michigan and we won’t let it stand. Many protests are being planned with even the AARP planning one here in Michigan because of the raw deal seniors got in Governor Rick Snyder’s budget. Wisconsin has gotten most of the attention in the last couple of months, but the awesome Rachel Maddow and her staff are doing great work in exposing what is going on in Michigan and other states as well. My hope is that this Republican overreach all across the country will knock some sense into Democrats and Independents and we will sweep those assholes back out in 2012 and 2014.

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Rachel Maddow Continues Her Excellent Work On The GOP Gutting Of America

Thank you Rachel and your awesome staff for exposing the reality of what is happening to our democracy. Keep pushing, we support you wholeheartedly.

Maddow: Mainstream Media Clueless About Uprising, posted with vodpod

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Quick Hits On Everything Else!

I heard Gloria Steinem on Real Time with Bill Maher say in response to Bill Maher’s comment that the Republicans are going nuts not being able to meddle in Libya (I paraphrase), this is what she said. “But that’s why we have to have empathy. We have to understand that if Charlie Sheen had an airforce, he would be Gaddafi.”

If you haven’t been following the Charlie Sheen public DT’s or latest binge, whichever it is, you aren’t missing much. A really sad spectacle of a career being ruined before your eyes. Probably the highpoint…lowpoint was when he said “The last time I took drugs I probably took more than anyone could survive. I was banging 7-gram rocks because that’s how I roll, I have one speed, go.”

Our President is practicing foreign relations like presidents of old, garnering support from the international community, not big footing it into every situation, leading other countries and allowing other countries to also lead and he isn’t doing what the idiots from the previous administrations say, the ones who got us into most of these messes. The Washington Post has a good read about it.

Michigan has it’s own wingnut Republican Governor, Rick Snyder, who wants to appoint people to run our towns, throwing out your elected officials, the ones you cast your vote for in America, land of the free, home of the brave, the one that has a constitution and everything.

Newt Gingrich explains to us why he would be a bad president, or at least a philandering one, because you know when he has a lot of passion for his country and works too hard, well, he can do things that aren’t appropriate (while impeaching a president for the same thing). He probably shouldn’t be president with that character flaw. :)  Not that he would ever have a chance, anyway.

Melinda Gates is awesome, as you can tell from this story about her speech at the annual conference of CARE where she encouraged the congress not to cut funding for family planning programs in developing countries.

My thoughts on the NPR scandal have basically been, did Ron Schiller say something that wasn’t true? No one is really arguing with what he said, but more that he said it. Big fucking deal, the Tea Party is racist, maybe not everyone in it, but damn near everyone from what I can tell. But I am also someone who thinks NPR should break away from government money and go private, and then they can stop pretending that there are two sides to every Fox News generated story. The wingnut politicians have been affecting the content on NPR over the years with their carping about bias, which is complete bullshit. I listen everyday to NPR and if you want to call them biased because they actually cover international news or present facts in their stories, well then they certainly are biased in that way.

And last but not least, I’m wondering how soon…maybe it already happened…some wingnut(s) will start telling us why bullying is just fine, in light of the president and first lady’s White House Conference on Bullying Prevention that was held today. You know one of the nuts is going to turn it into some sort of socialist program, right?

UPDATE: Of course it was Rush Limbaugh who had an issue with the bullying conference. It figures, doesn’t it?

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