Welcome Home President Obama, You Are Doing An Incredible Job, Thank You!

I know it’s fashionable right now on both the left and the right to attack President Obama. And since our media has completely deteriorated and has no standards, no ethics, no integrity, they just let any bonehead who is a “critic” of the president come on and spew whatever the hell they want. Facts aren’t necessary anymore, supporting evidence isn’t necessary anymore and the opinions of the anchors and reporters are embedded in almost all the questions they ask these days. Everyone is trying to be like Fox News, it appears. If they can create some news, they will have whatever bonehead it takes to do that, including the likes of Jane “Hamwallet” (thanks Angry Black Lady, I love it) and Glenn Greenwald. But beyond those two, they will have any freshmen nutball congressperson or senator on and they are welcome to say whatever the hell they want, no challenges, just an open platform for them to propagandize at will. It’s a free-for-all, yee haa, giddy up.

I think President Obama has handled the Libyan crisis incredibly well. He didn’t rush into it, he didn’t commit our already strained military any more than he had to and he allowed France and and our allies to own this one…we already are trying to sell our other two military endeavors that were handed to us all slimy, smelly and nasty.  “I’ve got a couple of wars I’ll sell you, CHEAP!” But of course in our dumbed down world of cable news, they have to have something to nitpick and you can throw a rock and hit twelve pundits trying to make a name for themselves who will say whatever they need to to make that name. The cable media has become like a traveling circus with mostly freak shows on the schedule.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home President Obama, You Are Doing An Incredible Job, Thank You!

  1. Hi EL,
    Amen to your post. Have you been over at the only adult in the room lately. There is a video of the Libyan people celebrating in Gendahzi and thanking the Brits, UN France and USA.It’s about 2min long. Very inspiring. Our pundits have it all wrong.

  2. I didn’t realize how bad our cablenews is here until I wasn’t able to watch it for 3 weeks and had to rely on European cablenews in ENGLISH even though from Russia, Germany, France, and the UK. There are still some real journalists in the world, but sadly not many left here in the USA.

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