The Obamahaters On The Left – A Breakdown!

I saw this comment over at Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go! by “Dan Halen” and just had to share. He does a pretty good job summarizing the composition of the small group on the left who hate President Obama. Go here to see the post and all the comments at Bob Cesca’s blog. And subscribe to The Bob And Elvis Show podcast at iTunes. In the search bar, just start typing “Bob and Elvis” and it will pop up. You won’t regret it. Here is “Dan Halen’s” comment…

I have come across four types on the left who seem to be hostile towards Obama.

One: The Revenge liberals – They want or wanted a Democratic president who behaved like Bush, but for progressive causes. They are upset by Obama’s attempts to govern with civility.

Two: The Hippie Liberals – They want absolutely no war and no confrontation what so ever. Iraq and Afghanistan were supposed to be ended the day after inauguration.

Three: The Unknowing Racist – They are progressive but never really wanted or thought Obama could handle the job. They don’t hate minorities, but can unknowingly hold them too much higher standards then those like themselves.

Four: The Professionals Left – Who yes, look to profit or further their careers off of stoking anger in progressives.

There maybe other, but these are the people I have come across.

I don’t think I’m an Obamabot, because I really don’t like how close he appears to be with Wall Street. But, I have been impressed by his long-game abilities and have a wait and see attitude. He continues to play chess while we think we’re playing checkers.

Posted by: Dan Halen at March 23, 2011 11:53 PM


13 thoughts on “The Obamahaters On The Left – A Breakdown!

  1. Hi EL,
    I was just over at C&L and they have a video comment by Kieth Olbermann, it was typical Kieth. I could only get through 25% then I went to the comment section. One commenter says President Obama What a bunch of idiots. The can’t even get the years right and I don’t believe Obama signed any agreement with Libya before or after he became President. The misinformation of the PL is just unbelievable.

  2. Few things 1. if liberals want Obama to be the left wing version of W. why? The only people in his voting bloc Bush looked after were his corporate friends, he only gave the pro life crowd lip service and when he was running around talking about banning gay marriage in the 2004 election yet he quickly changed his tune once he got “re-elected”

    2 and 3. I rather combine these two groups together if you listen to Thom Hartmann or Ed Schultz all their listners want Obama to be superman. They want him to say something on every thing that pops up and if doesn’t or he doesn’t say the things they want him to say he’s Bush like to them.

    4. The pro-left crowd is the biggest problem so far in my opinion, anytime a news program wants to book a progressive to talk about issues they always pick a Jane Hamster,Glenn Greenwald or insert your favorite firebag pundit. They’re taking just as many shots at the president than their right wing counterpart they debating.

    What they’re doing is far worst than what the likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are doing. They’re knew the political realities yet because they didn’t want to see those clicks go away they talked down everything this president accomplished and wished enable the Repugs to take over.

    If you saw that back and forth between me and the firebaggers on DU the one point I kept making was if I didn’t follow politics and I saw left wing loud mouth Ed Schultz and right wing loud mouth Sean Hannity agree the President is a fuck up guess what I might vote Republican.

  3. I think Cenk was one of those revenge liberals. Michael Moore the hippy liberal. Ed Shultz professional left and Dennis Kucinich a racist democrat. Its so obvious that the guy had something against Obama from the very beginning that its not even funny.

  4. I’ve been banned from C&L, so my voice can’t be heard over there anymore. They can’t handle the truth. :)

    Everytime someone on the left gets excited about the Republicans and their lack of leadership, direction…my first thought is always, but we have a whole wing of our party who is consciously trying to bring down their own leader. So really, we are pretty fucked in 2012 if you ask me. I have confidence in the president to do his part, but I don’t have any confidence in that wing of our party that has seriously lost their way. Or they were never really progressive to begin with, just haters of Bush.

  5. Was almost refreshing to be without MSNBC for 3 weeks and hearing the Europeans on BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle, and Russia Today. (However, I did have Fox for 4 nights in Starwoods hotels). Didn’t hear the harsh criticism abroad of Obama one hears here from members of HIS OWN PARTY! Donald Trump being interviewed by Neil Cavuto sounded like he could well be a “liberal” firebagger as he tore into Obama whom he says he can beat in 2012! (and THE Donald is now mouthing the “birther” insanity to attract the far right who may be turned off by his 3 marriages).

    Obama was okay with most “Eurotrash” (as the REICH here likes to call them), although the French were the most hawkish and critical of him “dragging his feet”…the Russians the least critical even though they want a “hands off” approach in Libya. It was noted that the women in Obama’s circle like Clinton, Rice, etc. are more hawkish than males like Gates. What does the left think of Hillary now as she would probably be a “hawk” if she had won.

  6. If you are not an Obamabot I am not sure who would be. You defend him no matter what he does. He proves every day that he is unfit for the job, his wish-wash views on Gaddafi, he should go, no he shouldn’t, I support a regime change, no I don’t. Finally he said to hell with it and left the country on another vacation.

    It is hard for the left to admit they voted in a totally incapable individual and the only reason they voted him in is because they thought he was going to increase the welfare status.

    Lets raise taxes on the “rich” and use that entire increase to paying down the debt. No a dime to “social engineering” or increasing peoples dependence on handouts.

    My goal in life is to have enough money so I can be rich and travel the globe even if I did have to watch Fox for 4 nights. Love limousine liberals because they are so genuine.

  7. E.L

    I while I don’t trust the firebag wing of the Democratic Party, I think what’s going on here and other states is wake up call to them. And hopefully they get the idea of you’re hurting yourself when you don’t vote.

    The problem is we got people in the liberal blog sphere or progressive media who are willingly to flame that wing for their own personal advancement. I wonder should we spend our time exposing these faux progressive because that bull shit they’re spewing will only get worst in 2012.

  8. Once again, Ralph, do you even read the posts. The indented text is when I’m copying and pasting from someone else. That indented text in the post is from Dan Halen from Bob Cesca’s blog, which it says in the text right above it. I AM an Obamabot, it that is what you want to call me. I’m fine with it.

  9. The four nights I watched some Fox for its “comedy effect” I picked up on the same talking points that our TROLL Atlanta Ralph is now parroting almost verbatim.

    You know us “limousine liberals” have to jet set around the world to keep up with the fat-cat Republicans. I couldn’t even afford to leave Harris County, Texas, if my Republican parents hadn’t stashed away 1/3 of a million $$$ from their years at good-paying UNION jobs into bank Certificates of Deposit.

    Not sure when I will take my next trip as my
    “socialist” stock portfolio is drying up…then I can go on welfare and let our TROLL Atlanta Ralph pay my keep.

  10. No Ralph, you didn’t even call him rich. You impuned his character, mischaracterized his life and laced it with all sorts of subtle implications. You will notice that when you do that to any of the other commenters, I don’t put it up either. This forum is for issues and I don’t stand for any personal attacks. Now if you have stupid ass beliefs or opinions…they are fair game. Just leave the personal shit out.

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