The People Of Libya Thanking The World For Caring – In Your Eye, Pundits!

Here is a screen grab from the video below, this is a peaceful celebration in Libya thanking France, the UK and the U.S.A. for caring. Stop listening to the talking heads on the television all trying to be Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh or the left’s version of it…Jane “Hamwallet” and Glenn “Greenwallet”. (Angry Black Lady deserves credit for Hamwallet, unless she borrowed it from someone too. :))

And here is the video of the protest, about 2 minutes long. Hat Tip to Roberta in MN for sending me over to The Only Adult In The Room to grab it.


Is CNN As Sexist And Stupid As Their Employee Erick Erickson?

I just read this piece over at Media Matters and my jaw about dropped to the floor. I’ve heard people complain about this guy and have read a few things that he’s said, but I’ve never seen him other than a clip or two. I’ve also heard the calls for CNN to have a little respect and get rid of the guy. Maybe this one will get him booted, but I doubt it. From Media Matters…

While you think about that, check out current CNN contributor Erick Erickson’s “working theory on Obama in Libya“:

There is not in any way, shape, or form any rational explanation for the United States engaged in Libya to do nothing except for one I can think of — Barack Obama’s re-election.

Suddenly Obama can look Presidential again — all through manufacturing the need for American involvement where there was no need. Barack Obama wants to be re-elected. The best playbook for his re-election is that of Bill Clinton. But Clinton had a government shutdown and Kosovo. In the absence of either, Barack Obama must manufacture them.

And he has.

That is one big pile of crap he just unloaded. It’s one of those things that is so stupid, I would feel stupid even responding to it. So I won’t, everyone should be able to see it as a pile of crap, no need for my color commentary on it. But just when I thought I had seen the worst of it, I read further. The next bit puts him in a league with…well Glenn Beck comes to mind, although I don’t think even Glenn Beck would go this far, at least about women anyway. Here’s even more for you…

Here’s another Erickson theory about Libya, also from the his March 21 radio show:

ERICKSON: By the way, it’s the women’s fault. … It’s, apparently, the women in the Obama administration who have decided we needed to go to war in Libya. … This is typical. This is so typ– i’m mean, I’m going to bring my inner sexist out I’m afraid tonight, some of you are going to be very upset with me. But this is like women drivers. We’re going to war in Libya, we have no plan, we have no map, even if we have a map of war, um, it wasn’t going to get read, they were going to pull over and ask the French apparently for help, or at least make the guy pull over and ask the French for help. This is crazy.

And more:

ERICKSON: This is just silly. I mean, back-seat driving by the women, and they’re gonna get Barack Obama lost. What is it with Barack Obama caving to the women? I mean, now we know who rules his personal life. I guess Michelle is firmly in charge as well, if Barack Obama is going to cave that easy to three women in his administration over what to do with Libya.

And even more:

ERICKSON: It took the women to get him involved, and the women apparently went in without a clear plan. No shopping list.

Now if that doesn’t show a complete lack of respect for women, I don’t know what does. You would have had to scrape my mother off the ceiling if she were alive to read or hear that. My god, what in the hell is wrong with that man. If CNN doesn’t do something after that tirade, they have absolutely no respect for women either. Once again, it is so stupid that responding to it would just make me feel stupid. Feel free to go to this link and register a complaint. It is to the John King USA show, where Erickson is listed as a political commentator. As soon as I publish this post, I’m heading over there to do it.

Welcome Home President Obama, You Are Doing An Incredible Job, Thank You!

I know it’s fashionable right now on both the left and the right to attack President Obama. And since our media has completely deteriorated and has no standards, no ethics, no integrity, they just let any bonehead who is a “critic” of the president come on and spew whatever the hell they want. Facts aren’t necessary anymore, supporting evidence isn’t necessary anymore and the opinions of the anchors and reporters are embedded in almost all the questions they ask these days. Everyone is trying to be like Fox News, it appears. If they can create some news, they will have whatever bonehead it takes to do that, including the likes of Jane “Hamwallet” (thanks Angry Black Lady, I love it) and Glenn Greenwald. But beyond those two, they will have any freshmen nutball congressperson or senator on and they are welcome to say whatever the hell they want, no challenges, just an open platform for them to propagandize at will. It’s a free-for-all, yee haa, giddy up.

I think President Obama has handled the Libyan crisis incredibly well. He didn’t rush into it, he didn’t commit our already strained military any more than he had to and he allowed France and and our allies to own this one…we already are trying to sell our other two military endeavors that were handed to us all slimy, smelly and nasty.  “I’ve got a couple of wars I’ll sell you, CHEAP!” But of course in our dumbed down world of cable news, they have to have something to nitpick and you can throw a rock and hit twelve pundits trying to make a name for themselves who will say whatever they need to to make that name. The cable media has become like a traveling circus with mostly freak shows on the schedule.

The Obamahaters On The Left – A Breakdown!

I saw this comment over at Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go! by “Dan Halen” and just had to share. He does a pretty good job summarizing the composition of the small group on the left who hate President Obama. Go here to see the post and all the comments at Bob Cesca’s blog. And subscribe to The Bob And Elvis Show podcast at iTunes. In the search bar, just start typing “Bob and Elvis” and it will pop up. You won’t regret it. Here is “Dan Halen’s” comment…

I have come across four types on the left who seem to be hostile towards Obama.

One: The Revenge liberals – They want or wanted a Democratic president who behaved like Bush, but for progressive causes. They are upset by Obama’s attempts to govern with civility.

Two: The Hippie Liberals – They want absolutely no war and no confrontation what so ever. Iraq and Afghanistan were supposed to be ended the day after inauguration.

Three: The Unknowing Racist – They are progressive but never really wanted or thought Obama could handle the job. They don’t hate minorities, but can unknowingly hold them too much higher standards then those like themselves.

Four: The Professionals Left – Who yes, look to profit or further their careers off of stoking anger in progressives.

There maybe other, but these are the people I have come across.

I don’t think I’m an Obamabot, because I really don’t like how close he appears to be with Wall Street. But, I have been impressed by his long-game abilities and have a wait and see attitude. He continues to play chess while we think we’re playing checkers.

Posted by: Dan Halen at March 23, 2011 11:53 PM