The “American People” Don’t Want Spending Cuts – They Want Rich People To Help Just A Little!

Poll after poll after poll show that the vast majority of people responding, want Washington to focus on jobs and the economy with spending cuts coming in a distant second. The Republican party’s bait and switch during the last election was very blatant.  They talked about the economy and jobs and are now trying to sell spending cuts as the “mandate” handed to them in November. I have never personally believed in the “mandate” concept that the media likes to trot out every damn election cycle. Whether it is a Democrat or a Republican, it doesn’t matter. People get elected to work within our structure of government and these phantom “mandates’ are not real. It is that gray area that the media and politicians create to project their opinions on to. They try to project all sorts of issues onto the electorate when in reality, people show up and vote for the person they think will do the best job, one of the candidates wins and they take their position within our structured system of governing and do their jobs. Any deeper messages supposedly sent by a collection of individual votes is pure conjecture. People vote for many different reasons and trying to read the tea leaves of election results is just stupid. Steve Benen has a great post, of course, about this subject…

Asked specifically which is more important, cutting spending of creating jobs, 63% said job creation should be the top goal, with 26% saying spending cuts should be the priority. As absurd as this seems, congressional Republicans are desperate to side with the 26% minority over the 63% majority, even after promising for two years to focus on jobs.

Indeed, 68% of Americans don’t agree on much, but they agree that lawmakers aren’t spending enough time focused on bringing down unemployment.

And yet, one-sided results like these still won’t change the debate. Policymakers and the very-serious media voices will continue a foolish debate — whether to cut a little or cut a lot — while the public clamors for a jobs policy that isn’t even on the table.

The reality of what has happened in the last two plus years is that Republicans have been actively trying to destroy jobs. Remember how they wanted the auto industry to just die off in America, even with estimates of 2.5 million job losses if it were to happen. It provides us with yet another example of Republican hypocrisy with them now trying to take credit for the bailout. They have no shame. Jeff Pelline has the details on his blog…

“The irony of the Republican lawmakers’ presence wasn’t lost on the workers who attended the ceremony; they booed Tennessee Republican Bob Corker, and one UAW official made clear from the stage that the union still remembered which politicians had voted to rescue Wall Street but opposed an auto industry bailout.”

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker —
Then: “This administration has decided they know better than our courts and our free market process how to deal with these companies….This is a major power grab.” – March 30, 2009.
Now: “At the end of the day we all have to feel good about what we did,” said Corker, who did attempt to negotiate the failed 2008 aid package. “I contributed to strengthening the auto industry in this country.”

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander —
Then:”This is not the right direction: taxpayer money down the drain, and Washington politicians trying to run auto companies. The sooner the politicians get out of the way, the sooner auto jobs and taxpayer dollars will be secure.” – March 30, 2009.
Now: “The center of the auto industry is still moving to Tennessee and the mid-South,” Alexander told WSMV-TV.

I recently posted a piece about polls showing how the “American people” want millionaires to pay there fair share. 81% of the people responding to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll think that millionaires should pay more taxes to help with the economy and deficit. A growing economy and rising employment will only help business, why do Republicans hate jobs and working people so much. Everything they say and do is the opposite of what should be done to create jobs. They are very consciously trying to stop President Obama from having any success at anything…and who is paying the price for their hatred of America, the American people.


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