Corporations Get More, You Get Less In The Crazy Republican Destruction Of America!

I am so thankful we have Rachel Maddow on the television. Just watch it…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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3 thoughts on “Corporations Get More, You Get Less In The Crazy Republican Destruction Of America!

  1. I’ve been thinking about the whole recall Snyder movement for a while. Don’t get me wrong I still want to recall the nerd. We might have a slight problem if we managed to recall Snyder there won’t be a special election and his tea bagging Lt.Governor Brian Calley will takeover for the rest of Snyder’s term. I gotta give the nerd credit he picked a poison pill as Lt.governor.

    We could be in a worst situation with Calley he’s a corporatist tea bagger and he probably already know he’s not going to get elected to serve full time so he might sell the state off to his and the nerd’s buddies and cash in as a lobbyist when he loses in 2014.

    Leaving the Democratic governor and a Democratic controlled state house to clean up his shit.

  2. Just got home after 3 weeks in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, 3 weeks without most of US TV available except for dubbed sitcoms like Two and a Half Men! and MTV.

    I did catch some very good “fair and balanced” dicussions on France24, Russia Today, and Deutsche Welle, all English language news channels plus the BBC and Murdoch’s Sky News. So good to see real journalism practiced but did lose out on all news about Charlie Sheen! (Eurotrash could care less!) However, the Starwoods Group which owns Le Meridien, Sheraton and Westin Hotels where we stayed several nights ONLY played Faux News so I got to watch them and noted their take…every show most critical of Obama’s 61st round of golf since his inauguration, his selecting NCAA picks, and traveling to Latin America “during a world crisis”. The French especially and Fox were most critical of Obama for encouraging the Libyan “freedom fighters” to rebel a few weeks back but “too slow” to show “leadership”. Came home to a Houston Chronicle today where the Letters-to-the-Editor, per usual, are mostly anti-Obama:

    The REICH damns Obama IF he does not act then slams him when he does! Saw Donald Trump on The View this morning sounding very much as if he will run for president. He mostly wanted to question Obama’s birth place before Barbara Walter’s millions of viewers!!! Saw THE Donald on Cavuto’s show a week ago from my room in Casablanca and he was even more right-wing radical on Faux News. He claims Obama is the worst leader, EVER, and that polls show he is the only Republican who can beat him in 2012.

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