2 thoughts on “Nic Robertson of CNN Blasts Fox News For One Of Their Many Lies!

  1. No surprise there. When has Fox ever been truthful in their reporting. Watching C-Span right now, “Congress” role in Attach on Libya”
    It’s just amazing how the media and PL and Right wingers are complaining about spending but not raising taxes. The hypocrisy is just unbelievable. Have a good day everybody.

  2. Last week Fox News was highly critical of Obama for not showing “leadership” over the problems in Libya (especially his round of golf and taking 5 minutes to make some NCAA Tournament picks). This week they are venting that Obama is acting unConstitutionally by joining with England and France to attempt to curb Gaddafi’s blood bath.

    Fox wants it BOTH ways, even if they have to tell the BIG LIES! They bring up that even Bush got the “approval” of Congress for his attack on Iraq (but oft “forgetting” to bring up Bush/Cheney sold that war with the biggest of WMD/”Al Qaeda” LIES).

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