Arianna Huffington Conned The Left And Cashed In – Now Her True Colors Come Out!

I told you so, didn’t I? Nicole at Political Ruminations has the story…

Well, now she’s done it.

As if many of us haven’t been saying for years that Huffington is a fake Progressive, an opportunist in it for the money and fame, she had to go and prove us right, or at least make us feel like we were dead on right.

Arianna Huffington, formerly the Queen of the Liberal Political Kingdom online, has hired Conservative ideologue Andrew Breitbart, the same guy who spends so much of his time colluding with known con artist James O’Keefe, worked as an editor for the notorious Matt Drudge, worked for Ms. Huffington previously as a researcher, and helped her to launch The Huffington Post.

Go read the whole story at Political Ruminations.


7 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington Conned The Left And Cashed In – Now Her True Colors Come Out!

  1. This has me fired up! I think I am going to quite huffington post and ban them from my to go sites. I’ve been going there off and on for some time now and was thinking of stop going for awhile… Now however I just about had it with the huffington post its even more fake then the young turks.

  2. If I link this story and the other link story about Jane Hamster on Firebag Underground I’m afraid your friends will see an increase in troll activity.

    For a while I didn’t want to believe we had people on our side of the political fence who were exploiting liberals’ frustration for their own benefit. But reading this story and the post Roberta brought up I remember the section where it talks about Ed Schultz.

    I didn’t want to believe it but I feel many of these so called progressive outlets what the Republicans back in charge because bitching and raving about Republicans is more profitable than actually fighting for real progressive change. I wonder how many people stayed home because they listen to Ed or Cenk Uygur or read blogs like Huffington Post or Fire Dog Lake?

  3. @Johnny C…in Michigan, something like 2 million Dems either didn’t vote or voted for that idiot, and we wound up with Hitler 2 as governor.

  4. Why is this news to anyone? Just to remove all doubt.

    A RECENT photo of her on vacation with Newt Gingrich and Barbara Walters.

    A RECENT photo with Darrell Issa.

  5. I hadn’t seen the Darrel Issa shot, and duh, I didn’t recognize Barbara WaWA in the other photo, which I’ve posted before. I’m getting old and my eyes don’t work so well anymore.

  6. I subscribe to “Color of Change”, a civil rights group who is petitioning Huffington Post to let go of their recently acquired “journalist”, the racist REICH-winger Andrew Breitbart:

    The Huffington Post understands the power of featuring someone on its home page. It gives the author credibility and helps them spread their message. To give that placement to someone who has repeatedly shown complete disregard and hostility toward the truth, and who is a serial race-baiter, is irresponsible. It shows a lack of journalistic integrity, and it’s frankly an insult to our communities.

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