The Republican Manufactured Outrage Of The Week!

If only the Republicans spent as much time covering actual issues in this country, maybe all their viewers wouldn’t believe such crazy shit. The latest idiotic attack is about the President traveling to Brazil. The New York Times lays out what his trip is about, but of course they also play into Fox New’s meme with the headline “Amid Crises, Obama Lands In South America”…

BRASÍLIA — Behind the scenes here, President Obama on Saturday performed the most profound act of a commander in chief: sending American forces into conflict. Publicly, however, he kept to the schedule of his first visit to South America, hailing the United States’ growing economic and political ties with Brazil and predicting “a path toward even greater cooperation for decades to come.”

The two countries’ differences were also aired, if gently, as Mr. Obama met with the newly elected president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who has signaled a desire for closer relations with the United States.

Each president criticized the trade barriers of the other’s country even as they celebrated improvements in their relations, including an increase in trade that has created jobs in both places.

Now, let’s take a look at how Republican’s see his trip to South America via Steve Benen…

IT’S NOT A VACATION…. The good news is, the right has stopped obsessing over President Obama picking his favorites in the NCAA tournament. The bad news is, conservatives have moved onto something nearly as silly.

President Obama landed in Brazil Saturday to learn about its booming economy, but conservatives called the trip a distraction from worldwide turmoil. […]

“What is happening with the President while all of this is going on in the United States and around the world? He’s going on vacation. He’s going to Rio,” charged Steve Doocy, cohost of “Fox & Friends,” during Friday’s broadcast.

And The Washington Times fired off an editorial last week that declared “the President parties while the world burns.”

By some measures, those were some of the milder criticisms. Fox News’ Eric Bolling threw an on-air tantrum Friday night, insisting the president and his wife have been “spreading suntan lotion on each other” and “sipping caipirinhas on Air Force One — our Air Force One — while Rome burns.”

It really doesn’t matter what the president does with Republican bozos, they have no trouble twisting things and lying to make reality fit their latest outrage. It is just a way to throw red meat to their mindless followers. It really doesn’t matter to any of them whether it is true or not, they manufacture their own realities and bend actual reality (a polite way of saying the LIE) to fit within it. The ole “la la la la, I can’t hear you” technique. Steve Benen goes on to explain actual reality a bit…

This may be hard for conservatives to understand — when they think “Brazil,” they think “Carnival” — but Latin America has many quickly growing economies, and Obama is visiting the region to promote trade and open markets. The point is to take steps that will strengthen the U.S. economy, which the right should at least pretend to care about.

What’s more, the visit was scheduled months ago. It’s not as if the president woke up Friday morning and thought, “Fire up Air Force One; I’m in the mood to see Rio.”


What we’re seeing from the right, then, is criticism for the sake of criticism. The discourse has reached the point at which Republicans and their media figures have to be whining about something at all times. Obama is stopping in Chile, Brazil, and El Salvador as part of a broader economic agenda, so the right feels the need to pretend to be outraged.

It’s quite sad.


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