Reagan Said “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!”

I never thought I’d miss President Reagan. Compared to current Republicans, he was a moderate. But I’m not telling you all anything you don’t already know. Enjoy this blast from the past where Ronnie shows his support for unions as an American institution. It should be pumped from loud speakers at these rallies, over and over and over. We should stand in front of Republican legislatures homes with giant boom boxes blaring out this Ronald Reagan clip.

Huge Hat Tip to Joshua Green at The Atlantic.


One thought on “Reagan Said “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!”

  1. Ironic that Reagan stood up for unions and the iconic democrat, FDR, didn’t. at least in the public sector.

    I have yet to see anyone try to get rid of unions. They want to limit their bargaining rights in the public sector because the bargainers are using your money and not their own or a companies.

    Why should someone who works in the public sector make a much greater income and benefits than the ones paying their salary.
    Why should teachers, who work less than 200 days a year, make more than an RN or any other career professional.

    Maybe we should go to vouchers for all education and privatize the system. Government schools sure have a terrible history with inflated management and uninspiring teachers.

    It’s OK when it is suggested the “rich” pay more than the 35% they pay but there is hell to pay when they want union members to pay a little for their benefits, just like everyone else who works.

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