Republicans Can’t Help It – They Have Simple Minds, Don’t Confuse Them!

Republicans have gone completely over the edge and are now being run by, and supported by, the simpletons of our country. It was a rather fast transition since 2008. Oh sure, it started with “Bush The Village Idiot” being appointed by the Supreme Court, but at least he kept around a few thinkers in the administration…Dr. Evil types for sure…but at least they made an attempt to square things with logic. Not anymore people, we are living in the land of loony Republicans these days and any reasonable Republicans are quickly being pushed out.

So the latest simple-minded idea they are pushing (mostly Fox News) is that the President can only work on one issue at a time and must never have any downtime, fun, vacations or heaven forbid, try to handle more than one issue at time. Come on, how do people do that anyway? The new Republicans can barely string together a proper sentence, you can’t really expect them to accept that a person can have more than one thought in their head at a time. Thus the latest outcry from the right, covered by Media Matters. I’m not even going to bother repeating their bullshit, go read some of it at the MM link if you want. The most bizarre one to me is how we shouldn’t be celebrating Woman’s History Month, which totally fits with their hatred of women, no surprise there, really. But here is what a real president with a brain does to earn his money as President…


Politico: “Obama Has Been Immersed In Back-To-Back Meetings All Week On The Emerging Crises.”Politico reported on March 16:

Obama: Gadhafi “Has Lost The Legitimacy To Lead And He Must Leave.” In a statement prior to a March 3 press conference, Obama condemned Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and stated that Gadhafi “has lost the legitimacy to lead and he must leave.”

Obama Outlined U.S. Humanitarian Response To Crisis In Libya. Also during his March 3 press conference, Obama outlined the administration’s response to the “urgent humanitarian needs that are developing.”

Obama Ordered Economic Sanctions Against Libya, Including Freeze Of Gadhafi’s Assets. As McClatchy reported on February 25, Obama “ordered that all the assets of dictator Moammar Gadhafi, his children and their wives be frozen in the United States, or in branches of U.S. banks.”

Obama Administration Working With U.N., NATO To “Increase Pressure On Gaddafi.” According to a White House summary of a March 15 national security meeting on Libya, Obama “instructed his team to continue to fully engage in the discussions at the United Nations, NATO and with partners and organizations in the region.”


Obama Briefs Nation On Japan In Press Conference. During a March 11 press conference, President Obama’s opening remarks addressed the situation in Japan as well as the intent by American forces to offer aid to those affected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

Obama To Meet With USAID Director To Discuss Global Humanitarian Aid.Politico reported on March 16 that Obama was scheduled to meet with USAID administrator Rah Shah to “discuss humanitarian help around the globe,” including for Japan and the Middle East.

US Navy Has 8 Ships Near Japan, Five More En Route. According to a March 14 Yahoo news article, eight ships, including the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan were assisting with rescue and recovery operations in Japan. Additionally, five others have been deployed according to the Pentagon.

White House Releases “Overview Of United States’ Response In Support Of Our Friends In Japan.” A March 13 post to the White House blog contained a list of ongoing efforts by the White House to provide aid to Japan in the wake of the earthquakes and tsunami.

Obama Uses March Madness To Urge Fans To Donate To Japan. A March 16 Bloomberg article stated:

Obama Assures Americans Japan Radiation Will Not Reach Us. During an appearance on a Pittsburgh news program, President Obama assured audiences that nuclear release from Japan will dissipate by the time it gets to Hawaii, much less the continental United States.  Additionally, the president stated that the United States is providing Japan with “all the support we can,” and stated that he was “deeply worried about radiation effects in Japan.”

Obama’s Day For March 16: Aid Abroad. In a March 16 USA Today rundown of the president’s schedule for the day, nearly all of his appointments and engagements had to do with foreign aid and relief, including tasks involving Libya, Mexico, Japan, Bahrain, Haiti, Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I’m sure that list must make Republican heads spin, how can he possibly do all that stuff. And believe me, that isn’t all the man has had on his plate lately. I guess we need to be more understanding about how much Republican brains are able to process at one time. We should cut them some slack, because apparently they are overwhelmed with everything and are having troubles dealing with everything that is happening in our world.

I am very thankful that we have President Obama and his administration steering the ship right now. He is doing an amazing job navigating all the treacherous waters that are pounding the ship both domestically and internationally. Any one of these latest disasters would be enough for a President to handle, but President Obama has been handed many problems. And of course, he has an opposition party made up of idiots who are trying to prevent the economy from coming back and trying to stop the creation of jobs in our country. And you know why, right. So they can get even more power and basically privatize our country into the United Corporations of America. The village idiots are cheering them on, yeeeee hawwww, giddyup.


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