Anthony Weiner Takes On Two Of The Village Idiots!

The Youtube heading for this is just hillarious…a Fox fan’s bizarro world, for sure. “Michele Bachmann Absolutely Schools Far Left Lib Anthony Weiner on Hannity” And her best put down…”I didn’t know Anthony was such a reader of fiction.” Oooooo, good one, Michelle. That will show him. :) Warning, lots of talking over each other and I do think that Congressman Weiner’s hands were tied behind his back, from what I can tell.


4 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner Takes On Two Of The Village Idiots!

  1. Anthony has been known to disagree with the President and he lets him know it. I don’t have a problem with that, especially since Anthony also supports him when necessary too. I don’t always agree with the prez either, but since there are already so many people beating him up on the left, I don’t add my voice to the bashing chorus.

    He isn’t one of the firebaggers, though, and I sure am glad he is out there fighting for liberal policies. And he’s good at it most of the time.

  2. Ahh I read the article about what Wheiner was trying to say and boy I have to say I’m rather pissed at Huffington Post right now for trying to make a conflict when their really wasn’t one! He was simply saying that in his opinion Obama isn’t an ideologue and isn’t ran by values. Nothing wrong with that but I think he was simply explaining the reasons why Obama doesn’t attack divisive issues all the time like some.

    He also thinks things through like the gun issue for example. I think Obama’s reluctance was because mainly in part he didn’t want to rush to conclusions but as gun violence has been rapidly growing, etc I think Obama realized he had little choice in the matter but to attack it at some point so decided to do it now.

    I’m not a gun fan but can understand why some people are and can respect that however I think that the laws need to be enforced way more.

  3. I know how Congressmen Weiner feels I’m debating a few right wingers on the Fox 2 news FB page. For E.L readers outside the state of Michigan, Michigan Republicans have their own brand of stupidity.

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