Republican Spending Cuts Show Their Hatred For Women, Children And The Poor!

The Raw Story has this post up detailing 10 of the most shocking spending cuts being proposed by the Republicans. Just a reminder that they couldn’t bring themselves to cut $53 billion in subsidies to Big Oil, but they found it in their black hearts to cut the following. From The Raw Story…(truncated list)

Though the Democratic-led Senate rejected the proposal, here are some of the most shocking programs Republicans voted to slash.

1) The National Weather Service ($126 million)

The bill stripped $126 million from the Natural Weather Service, the agency within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tasked with preparing us for natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, blizzards, floods and fires.

2) Emergency Oil Reserves ($120.2 million)

The GOP budget plan slashed $120.2 million from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a critical source of emergency oil supplies in case flow is interrupted.

3) Assistance For Firefighters ($510 million)

$510 million was axed from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s grants for firefighters, part of a broader $1.5 billion cut to various FEMA programs.

4) Communication Among Emergency Responders ($70 million)

5) Oversight Of Financial Markets ($56.8 billion, is that right, billion?)

6) Prosecution Of Financial Crimes ($2.1 million)

7) Helping Women Escape Domestic Abuse ($70 million)

(Eight) 8) Helping Teens Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy ($110 million)

9) Helping Young People Get Jobs ($300 million)

10) Helping International Children Survive Into Adulthood ($783.5 million)

You can see the priorities of the Republican party by looking at that list, which is just some of the raping they did to America and its people. A very slight increase in the tax rate for the top 5% of the richest people in our country would take care of all of that spending and they wouldn’t suffer one bit. So Republicans choose to hurt millions of people with their draconian cuts but won’t ask the richest people in the country to give just a sliver of their wealth to help stabilize our economy and get people back to work. Republicans are nasty people


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