Michigan’s Trojan Horse Governor Raises Taxes On Seniors and The Poor While Cutting Corporate Taxes By 86%!

In my State of Michigan, we (not me) elected a guy named Rick Snyder as governor last November. He ran as a “tough nerd” with almost all of his advertising throughout the campaign having that theme, a folksy, nerdy guy…he featured his daughter prominently in his ads talking about her daddy and how nice and nerdy he is. It was all warm and fuzzy, painting him as a common sense moderate. The mask has come off the nerd, he is pure evil, through and through.

He surely will never be re-elected, he pulled the old bait and switch on the moderates and independents in this state and may actually be recalled if he continues on the path he has started down. It’s one thing to be conservative, it’s quite another to show such disregard for the struggling people in your state while giving tax cuts to corporations that have mostly been sending jobs overseas, which Snyder has a lot of experience at as the head of Gateway.

Think Progress has a great post up with details on how this evil nerd has begun destroying our state with his idiotic Republican ideas. From Think Progress…

Following suit, Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) has proposed ending his state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, cutting a $600 per child tax credit, and reducing credits for seniors, while also cutting funding for school districts by eight to ten percent. At the same time, as the Michigan League for Human Services found, the state’s business taxes would be reduced by nearly $2 billion, or 86 percent, under Snyder’s plan:

Business taxes would be cut by 86 percent from an estimated $2.1 billion in FY 2011 to $292.7 million in FY 2013, the first full year of the proposed tax changes…Taxes on individuals from the state income tax would rise by $1.7 billion or nearly 31 percent, from an estimated $5.75 billion in FY 2011 to $7.5 billion in FY 2013, the first full year of the tax changes.

Michigan already has a regressive tax system, which Snyder’s proposal will only make worse. Currently, someone in the poorest 20 percent of Michigan taxpayers pays a tax rate of 8.9 percent, while someone in the richest one percent pays 5.3 percent.

In addition to trying to make an unfair tax system even more problematic for Michigan’s low-income residents, Snyder has also asked that the state be given the power to dismiss local government and appoint emergency “town managers” who could break contracts and “strip powers from elected officials.”

Kudos to Think Progress for the great information and many thanks to Rachel Maddow and her staff for shining a light on Michigan’s evil governor. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And the reason I keep calling him evil is because I can’t think of any word that is more descriptive, that IS the word to describe him and his actions. Others that come close, deceitful, sadistic, uncaring, blind, stupid, crazy…etc. etc. etc.

UPDATE: Thanks to Nicole at Political Ruminations for keeping up with the scheduled protests in Michigan.

1. Pro-Union Protests – Monday, March 14, 2011 10:00 am – till… ?? Saginaw, Michigan

2. AARP RALLY – Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Lansing, Michigan at Michigan Capitol building, on the east steps, at the corner of Michigan Ave. & Capitol Ave.

3. WORKING FAMILIES PROTEST – Wednesday, March 16  12:00pm – 6:00pm Lansing, MI, at Michigan’s Capitol building – MICHAEL MOORE WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE! Go here to read Michael’s Letter to the people of Michigan.

UPDATE 2: Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly has a great post up on this subject, check it out if you haven’t already.


2 thoughts on “Michigan’s Trojan Horse Governor Raises Taxes On Seniors and The Poor While Cutting Corporate Taxes By 86%!

  1. I knew this dude was going to be a bad governor but damn, between being able to appoint someone that can pretty much go into any city or town throw out their elected officials, end contracts that city has, sell of industries to for profit private corporation and raid their pension fund. To balancing the budget on backs of middle class and poor.

    Unlike the attempts to recall John Engler you might actually get people who voted for this dude to signed on to recall efforts.

    Because I hate to say it the only time a certain segment of this state’s population will turn on the Republicans is that their policies are hurting them as well not just the people that they think is going to get hurt.

  2. I am appalled once again by the way politics works. Those who have take away from those who don’t. But, taxing pensions? Come on, Rick, this is beyond sad. My Dad died last year, my Mother continues to get a bit less than half of his pension, and we are having trouble with supporting her now. Social Security has not increased, and seniors are getting hit with medical costs and now they will have their pensions taxed? How about this, lets cut Government, lets get rid of a full time congress in this state, and lets get rid of the benefits that our elected officials get. Like the cars, the paid for travel, and other things that we can’t afford. I thought that it couldn’t get worse then Jennifer G. as Governor, but once again Politicians have proven me wrong. The real issue is no matter whether they are Democrats or Republicans. None of them actually work for the people of this state.

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