The Republicans Are Selling Our Country To Their Corporate Friends!

I’m not even being hyperbolic here, either. They really aren’t trying to hide it very much either, it’s all right out in the open. And apparently they’ve brainwashed their followers enough that they don’t even know what is happening to them. One day they will wake up screaming when they realize that they screwed themselves by supporting those assholes….or not. Democracy Now has a great interview with Naomi Klein, you may have seen her in a Rachel Maddow clip I posted the other day. I think I’m going to have to buy her book “The Shock Doctrine” and give it a read. From her interview with Democracy Now on my great state of Michigan…(emphasis is mine)

AMY GOODMAN: Well, let me ask you about Michigan.


AMY GOODMAN: And then we’re going to go to a break.


AMY GOODMAN: About a thousand people rallied in Michigan—


AMY GOODMAN:—reminiscent of Wisconsin. Talk about the proposal there.

NAOMI KLEIN: Well, I just found out about this last night, and like I said, there’s so much going on that these extraordinary measures are just getting lost in the shuffle. But in Michigan, there is a bill that’s already passed the House. It’s on the verge of passing the Senate. And I’ll just read you some excerpts from it. It says that in the case of an economic crisis, that the governor has the authority to authorize the emergency manager—this is somebody who would be appointed—to reject, modify or terminate the terms of an existing contract or collective bargaining agreement, authorize the emergency manager for a municipal government—OK, so we’re not—we’re talking about towns, municipalities across the state—to disincorporate. So, an appointed official with the ability to dissolve an elected body, when they want to.

AMY GOODMAN: A municipal government.

NAOMI KLEIN: A municipal government. And it says specifically, “or dissolve the municipal government.” So we’ve seen this happening with school boards, saying, “OK, this is a failing school board. We’re taking over. We’re dissolving it. We’re canceling the contracts.” You know, what this reminds me of is New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, when the teachers were fired en masse and then it became a laboratory for charter schools. You know, people in New Orleans—and you know this, Amy—warned us. They said, “What’s happening to us is going to happen to you.” And I included in the book a quote saying, “Every city has their Lower Ninth Ward.” And what we’re seeing with the pretext of the flood is going to be used with the pretext of an economic crisis. And this is precisely what’s happening. So it starts with the school boards, and then it’s whole towns, whole cities, that could be subject to just being dissolved because there’s an economic crisis breaking collective bargaining agreements. It also specifies that—this bill specifies that an emergency manager can be an individual or a firm. Or a firm. So, the person who would be put in charge of this so-called failing town or municipality could actually be a corporation.

AMY GOODMAN: Whose government they dissolve, a company takes over.

NAOMI KLEIN: A company takes over. So, they have created, if this passes, the possibility for privatization of a whole town by fiat. And this is actually a trend in the contracting out of public services, where you do now have whole towns, like Sandy Springs in Georgia, run by private companies. It’s very lucrative. Why not? You start with just the water contract or the electricity contract, but eventually, why not privatize the whole town? So—

AMY GOODMAN: And what happens then? Where does democracy fit into that picture?

NAOMI KLEIN: Well, this is an assault on democracy. It’s a frontal assault on democracy. It’s a kind of a corporate coup d’état at the municipal level.

We are fired up in Michigan and we won’t let it stand. Many protests are being planned with even the AARP planning one here in Michigan because of the raw deal seniors got in Governor Rick Snyder’s budget. Wisconsin has gotten most of the attention in the last couple of months, but the awesome Rachel Maddow and her staff are doing great work in exposing what is going on in Michigan and other states as well. My hope is that this Republican overreach all across the country will knock some sense into Democrats and Independents and we will sweep those assholes back out in 2012 and 2014.


4 thoughts on “The Republicans Are Selling Our Country To Their Corporate Friends!

  1. Did you listen to the Lier and chief yesterday. The republican proposal will remove 200,000 kids from school and cost 50,000 teachers jobs. Wow one teacher per four kids, not sure his math works out.

    Record oil produced domestically, he forgot that was under Bushes plan and he forgot to mention that he is reducing production starting in 2012.

    He wants to cut spending, four billion dollars, what an impact that will have. He can read a good speech but I am surprised his nose doesn’t grow from lying.

    Why are the democraps so against oil exploration in this country. There can’t be that many envirowakos to swing an election.

  2. Atlanta Ralph

    Because Hannity says it doesn’t make it true.. Anyway EL one of my FB buddies are talking about there are efforts to recall the nerd. He’s approval ratings are already in the dumpster and the media looks absolutely stupid for defending this plan.

    While John Engler did only enrich his corporate buddies he wasn’t trying to end the democratic process at any given time and he didn’t directly announce going after pensions, schools and city funding.

    I think we can get enough people signatures but I doubt the powers behind Snyder and the House GOP will make it easy.

  3. I’m ready to help recall that fucking nerd. He is pure evil from a wolf in sheeps clothing. He ran like he was this moderate nerd, common sense…blah, blah, blah. And then he ends up sticking it to women, children and the elderly…oh and of course fuck education, right? That’s not really important for Michigan.

  4. I feel for the people of Michigan. The protests are proof that they aren’t happy and i think it was a good example for their government to see. hopefully they get things under control and try to hear out the people because we are the ones living out here and needing to deal with our issues so why cant they just try a bit to bring some positive in this world? we could really use it…

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